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Info: it the most difficult current programming language, though not the most difficult possible one. Malbolge, for those not familiar with it, is a language designed to be have so far have expressed an interest in programming in Malbolge!. Malbolge is a programming language invented by Ben Olmstead in , named after the eighth circle of hell in Dante’s Inferno. The name was.

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There is a second category of the actual joke languages such as Malebolge and INTERCAL, neither of which is designed to be practical in any way whatsoever and have features that actively make them harder to use.

Incrementing past this limit wraps back to zero. For example, checking for EOF before printing the character is malbplge possible without using at least a partial version of the store operation, because there’s no way to examine the contents of the accumulator without altering it.

Programming in Malbolge

The usual aim is to remove or replace conventional language features while still maintaining a language that is Turing-complete, or even one for which the computational class is unknown. There are three registers, each of which holds one machine word, initially 0: Java AND you used camel case for your class name.

Bootstrap Studio The revolutionary web design tool for creating responsive websites and apps. The next data word will be a pointer to another Malbolge command, e.


Malbolge was so difficult to understand langauge it arrived that it took two years for the first Malbolge program to appear. The store of the accumulator A into memory now consists of two steps: Taxi is also pretty cool. Enter your e-mail address to use your gravatar.

Thus, the code above can be extended easily.

Why do “Joke” programming languages exist? – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

Alex, you are a very witty and keen programmer who deserves respect for trumping Mr. Each word in the remainder of the memory is initialized as the result of applying the crazy operation see below to the contents of the previous and the second previous word in that order.

Alex Mirchev The code above is to an extend logical, but why would a language require you to define an Class for a simple loop? This class covers the workings of bodies that are composed of gas, ranging from molecular clouds and accretion disks to stars and giant planets.

E-mail addresses will never be shown. Shakespeare and Chef are other nice examples. Either you didn’t read other comments, or you have a proof that you inadvertedly forgot to give us Many of those languages are trivial to implement, and most others are outlandish, unlike any language you’d really want to parse. Student evaluations, however, tend to suggest otherwise, so this year, everything will be presented in python.

Somehow, these formative exposures, combined with an ever-present miasma of intellectual laziness, have ensured that Fortran has stubbornly remained the language I use whenever nobody is watching. Brainfuck actually has a practical purpose. Stores the result both at [d] and in a. Here are 10 of the most weird and impractical ever created. Crazy as it is, the crazy operator can be very useful.


Malbolge: an Esoteric Programming Language

I was browsing through the languages and thought to myself “I’m pretty sure no-one has lajguage a malbolge version of this” but someone actually has! The standard interpreter and the official specification do not match perfectly.

Esoteric programming languages Non-English-based programming languages Programming languages created in Now it may be more apparent why the approach of making ten rotate operations for one load was not the preferred one, as that would mean ten times the overhead explained above plus the initialization of it all.

Their syntax should be clear and understandable, and their implementations bug-free and fast. Malbolye relieved that this is possible, and I don’t have to swallow my words At a minimum it provides a mechanism for storing values into memory, which is necessary for almost any operation except the most basic ones as the above.

Hisashi Iizawa, it appears that you have sold your soul to the devil in exchange for this ability.

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