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With my Springfield Loaded M1A, I understand that cleaning should only encompass Does disassembly include removing the trigger pack?.

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Look at figures visassembly — 53 in that pictorial. Grab the bolt, slide it forward, and angle it down so it comes out. Submit a new link. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

disaesembly Curtis Lowe Yeah, I have a permit to carry this. If you have a wooden stock, consider getting some bowling alley wax and polishing it before reassembly. This article has also been viewed 13, times.


Fire disassdmbly weapon into a clearing barrel or similar. Warnings Make sure the magazine is out and that you have cleared the gun thoroughly. Email required Address never made public. There really isn’t all that much to clean under the receiver either. Submit a new text post.

Thank you sir, for the advise and or info. Want to add to the discussion? With my Springfield Loaded M1A, I understand that cleaning should only encompass the chamber, front end of the bolt, barrel, and gas piston, and lubrication via grease of the interior of the chamber along the rails that carry bolt. To create this article, 11 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

I would not break it.

How to Disassemble/Reasemble an M14 Service Rifle: 11 Steps

Tips Move slow and smooth and the rifle will cooperate. This site uses cookies. Gently slide the trigger guard and attached firing mechanism out of the stock, which will cause the stock to slide free of the weapon. Ma1 the operating rod back, turning it slightly so it falls out. If you have a wooden stock I would not remove the trigger group other than once a year.


The pinch between the stock, trigger group, and receiver is critical. An M1A was designed to m1z stripped down and cleaned easily. An m1a buddy is great if you are using shooters choice or other caustic stuff.

Reid Henrichs of Valor Ridge

Repeat these steps in reverse order to reassemble it. The M1A Garand too needs to “settle” back into the stock after you take it out. I need to remove it from the disassdmbly of the stock or break the rivet off the stock? Cleaning the M1A, and when to Disassemble self. When sliding the assembly rod back on, put it back in place, press in on the back, and turn it to its original position.

It looks like I need to seperate the barrel from the stock in order to have access in removing the front sling swivel. What cautions should i take and or know about prior to dissasembly?

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Locking the bolt to the rear. Locate the assembly rod, press inward on the back, and turn the rod.

In my experience it usually takes around shots to get the rifle fully settled in its stock and for accuracy to be consistent again. The piston and chamber are fine to do religiously. I’ve noticed this more on the garand than the M1A, but the same principle still applies. Unless this is a disassemmbly with a plain head and not a phillips head and or a flat blade head. Lastly I reassemble and wipe the whole thing down with a silicon rag.


Fulton-Armory – Handcrafted U. I did this every time I take it out because it was my baby. Thanks for your excellent look at the m1a; it almost makes me want to buy the additional tools I really need to take it apart and keep it clean. Turn the M14 on its back and pull up on the trigger guard, which should result in it popping open.

Thanks disassemnly help and information. Thank you for the dissasembly tutorial.

Once done, pull the bolt to the rear, aim in a safe direction, and dry fire. M1Rifles submitted 4 years ago by Yoneasy.

Thanks for letting us know. It is easy, and very possible to disassemble and reassemble an M14 Service Rifle in under 60 seconds. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. One of the sadlak aircraft size drill bits works great for the piston.