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Les humanoides [Williamson Jack] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Les humanoïdes [Williamson Jack] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. STOCK Évasion () – Jack WILLIAMSON Les Humanoïdes. John Stewart Williamson (April 29, – November 10, ), who wrote as Jack Williamson, was an American science fiction writer, often called the “Dean of .

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By the s he was an established genre author, and the teenaged Isaac Asimov was thrilled to receive a postcard from Williamson, whom he had idolized, which congratulated him on his first published story and offered “welcome to the ranks”. Archived from the original on December 1, Williamson took this idea into science fiction with The Legion of Space. Wracked by emotional storms and believing many of his physical ailments to be psychosomatic, Williamson underwent psychiatric evaluation in at the Menninger Clinic in TopekaKansasin which he began to learn to resolve the conflict between his reason and his emotion.

A doctor who wrote science fiction in his spare time, Breuer had a strong talent and turned Williamson away from dreamlike fantasies towards more rigorous plotting and stronger narrative. The story takes place in an era when humans have colonized the Solar System but dare not go farther, as the first extra-solar expedition to Barnard’s Star failed and the survivors came back as babbling, grotesque, diseased madmen. My own experience as a teacher of writing confirms my sense that new authors with artistic ambitions may find themselves scorning too many of the old forms and patterns simply because they blindly associate them with hack work.

Jack Williamson

It was also used to wipe out most of the Medusae, though they had tried to steal the secret. The Legion works also featured a force field called AKKA which can erase from the Universe any matter, of any size, anywhere, even a star or a planet.

Another novel, One Against the Legiontells of a Purple pretender who sets up a robotic base on a world over seventy light years from Earth, and tries to conquer the Solar System via matter transporter technology he has stolen.


One of the Purples, John Ulnar, supports the Legion from the start, and he is the fourth great warrior. The story also features Jay Kalam, lobbying to allow the New Cometeers to leave the Solar System in peace, as many people were demanding that AKKA be used to obliterate the departing swarm of planets once and for all.

The ruling Cometeer kept this weapon to enforce its rule over the others of its kind. The labels you hear so much of—”commercial,” “serious writer,” “mainstream,” “hack,” “New Wave,” “experimental”—are usually very misleading.

The Medusae had for eons used a reddish, artificial greenhouse gas to keep their dying world from freezing. Their vast spaceships also have very effective plasma weapons, very similar to those the Romulans had in a Star Trek episode called Balance of Terror.

The Cometeers cannot be destroyed by AKKA, as they are incorporeal from the Universe’s point of view and exist for the most part in an alternate reality.

Cherryh Jane Yolen Peter S. The Legion itself is the military and police force of the Solar System after the overthrow of an empire called the Purple Hall that once ruled all humans.

Giles broke into a secret chamber guarded by complex locks and force fields that the incorporeal Cometeers could not penetrate. Archived from the original on But the Medusae, who are totally unlike humans in all ways, turn on the Purples, seeking to destroy all humans and move to the Solar System, as their own world, far older than Earth, is finally spiraling back into Barnard’s Star.

Hence, the ruling Cometeers keep other intelligent beings as slaves and “cattle”. Breuer and struck up a correspondence with him.

An editor suggested that Williamson combine the ideas of contraterrene matter antimatter and asteroid miningwhich inspired the Seetee C-T series of short stories written as Will Stewart.

For humaniodes Australian rules footballer, see Jack Williamson footballer.

Wikisource has original works written by or about: Tepper David G. After retiring from teaching full-time inWilliamson spent some time concentrating on his writing, but after being named Professor Emeritus by ENMU, he was coaxed back to co-teach two evening classes, “Creative Writing” and “Fantasy and Science Fiction” he pioneered the latter at ENMU during his full-time professorship days.


Breuer and Williamson as Science Fiction Series 1. The Medusae bear a vague resemblance to jellyfish, but are actually elephant-sized, four-eyed, flying beings with hundreds of tentacles. Bleiler Evangeline Walton R. In his youth he was called Giles The Ghost. In it the ruler of the Cometeers had kept its own weapon of mass destruction, one that would cause the Cometeers to disintegrate. In this story, these warriors of the 30th Century battle the Medusae, the alien race from the lone planet of Barnard’s Star.

The Medusae learned from the first human expedition to their world that the gas rots human flesh, and the Medusae use it as a potent chemical weapon, attempting ecological destruction by means of projectiles fired from the Moon.

He remained affiliated with the school for the rest of his life. He served in the U. When they were wiped out, the Moon where they had established their base was erased out of existence. While most pulps of the time were slow to pay, the recently restarted Astounding was an exception.

Jack Williamson – Wikipedia

Williamson continued to co-teach these two classes into the 21st century. In this second tale, they fight The Cometeers who are an alien race of energy jacj controlling a “comet” which is really a giant force field containing a swarm of planets populated by their slaves.

Merritt[4] author of The Metal Monster and other fantasy serials. Learning that they were also accepting novels for serialization, he williason in The Legion of Spacewhich was published in six parts. The New York Times. Index of Literary Nominees. Retrieved 12 January Golden Library Special Collections.