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Below you can view and/or download the English PDF building instructions of your Lego set Forestmen Camouflaged outpost. Couldn’t find the building. LEGO Instructions Set Number Camouflaged Outpost – Thousands of complete step-by-step free LEGO instructions. 40 Items ItemName: Lego Camouflaged Outpost, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and with instructions, without box, missing parts: 1 blue small plume, the.

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Approximately 10, workers make instruvtions possible. Key, though, is the playability that others have mentioned. If knstructions love forestmen and have this set; cherrish it or give it to me if not get it! I never could afford this set growing up and only had the forestmen from the minifig pack, but I think I will soon be able to obtain it. Four would have made perfect sense a red, a blue, a black and the all green torso, which I always thought to be Robin Hoodbut you don’t here me complaining about that.

Spiderman, Hulk or Thor.

REVIEW: Camouflaged Outpost – LEGO Historic Themes – Eurobricks Forums

I gave it a “5” based on my Review Score Card. By now I wish I did buy it. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The Camouflaged Outpost can be opened and extended on a horizontal perspective, making it appear to be a much larger play set. As simple as it is instrictions, an ideal LEGO set rarely matched in affordability, flexibility, and iconicity.


LEGO Castle Camouflaged Outpost (6066)

I loved this set, a true classic. Photographs that have marked periods have also been starred by the yellow puppets. I recently purchased this set and ihstructions so happy I did, you beat me to the review too Great review of an absolute classic, cheers. They evolved, like the game, and also acquired mobility in the extremities. Believe it or not, I remember seeing this set on the store shelves thinking, “I want it, but I’m not going to start collecting Lego again”.

Lego bricks fit on the Duplo bricks with the hollow studs. Instructuons closer look at the Forestmen plumes The different variations of plumes are from blue, yellow, black and red. It was built inwith more than three million pieces and a thousand volunteers. Legends proclaim them as the heroic brave Forestmen.

Flick r – Brickshelf. Overview of the Camouflaged Outpost Who could ever guess that this tree surrounded with rocks is actually a hidden outpost on its own?

These baseplates are extremely useful for instrucfions mocs or starting up a forest or garden layout. Take a look at the forest tower, and observe the different portrayed angles.

See how these Forestmen escort their treasure findings back into their Camouflaged Outpost. The only leo that would have improved this, imo, would have been to swap out one of the forestmen for a peasant. The torsos include black, blue, maroon collar pattern and a typical purse pattern printed onto those Forestmen. It’s the Camouflaged Outpost and the foresters.


Camouflaged Outpost comes from a time when TLG didn’t feed consumers with obvious conflict on the cover of each box, but instead provided children with plenty of nourishment for their imaginations. Printed parts These are the pair of old gray panel, with dark gray scattered stones pattern printed on it. I want it, and I still want to have it, to add into my collection. The minifigs are more or less all the same, but my favourite one has always been the one riding the horse. An excellent exampe of that je ne sais qua that the old sets possessed and that is lacking from more modern sets.

As for the model itself, having never seen it in the brick, I can only go off of pictures, and it looks like a very well designed set, typical of that era, I guess.

Lego set 6066 Forestmen Camouflaged outpost – English

Mine too, now that I have it. Then again, I might only get one set just to compare them.

How I wish I had this little set.