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PARLAMENTU EUROPEJSKIEGO I RADY zmieniające rozporządzenie (WE) nr / ustanawiające Wspólnotowy Kodeks Wizowy (kodeks wizowy). Regulation (EC) No / of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July establishing a Community Code on Visas (Visa Code). Regulation. Translation for ‘kodeks wizowy’ in the free Polish-English dictionary and many other English translations.

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Article 6 Form of the visa 1. Applications shall be decided on within 15 calendar days of the date of the lodging of an application which is admissible in accordance with Article If an error is detected after the relevant data have been introduced into the VIS in koxeks with Article 10 1 of the VIS Regulation, the error shall be corrected in accordance with Article 24 1 of that Regulation.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Member Jodeks shall notify the Commission of the introduction or withdrawal of the requirement for such information before it becomes applicable. Zezwolenie nie jest odnawialne. These meetings shall be convened within the jurisdiction by the Commission, unless otherwise agreed at the request of the Commission. Individual visas issued to persons who are included in the travel document of the applicant shall be affixed to that travel document.

kodeks wizowy – English translation – Polish-English dictionary

This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. Do sieci konsultacji Schengen specyfikacje techniczne art. In the event of termination of cooperation with other Member States, Member States shall assure the continuity of full service.

Annex VII Filling in the visa sticker. Article 25 Issuing of a visa with limited territorial validity. The central authorities of the represented Member State shall be informed in advance of the kodkes of such cooperation.


When a visa with limited territorial validity covering the territory of more than one Member State is issued, the insurance cover shall be valid at least in the Member States concerned. The sticker shall be aligned with and affixed to the edge of the page of the travel document. By way of derogation from kdeks 1, applications may be examined and decided on at the external borders of the Member States by the authorities responsible for checks on persons, sizowy accordance with Articles 35 and The Organising Committee of the Member State hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games shall forward to the services responsible for issuing visas, a collective application for visas as quickly as possible, together with copies of applications for the issue of an Olympic kdeks card for the persons concerned, bearing their full name, nationality, sex and date and place of birth and the number, type and expiry date of their travel document.

Lodeks site uses cookies to improve your wizowu experience. This permit is issued for five years and is renewable, each time for another five years. Article 30 Rights derived from an issued visa Mere possession of a uniform visa or a visa with limited territorial validity shall not confer an automatic right of entry.

On first entry, the visa number shall be indicated on that same page; b the conditions for entry provided for in Article 5 1 c of the Schengen Borders Code shall be presumed to be fulfilled once a member of the Olympic family has been duly accredited.

Article 11 Application form.

Unless the application has been withdrawn, a decision shall be taken to: Annex VI Standard form for notifying and motivating refusal, annulment or revocation of a visa.

A bilateral arrangement kkdeks be established between the representing Member State and the represented Member State containing the following elements: Reasons for application a.


“kodeks wizowy” in English

When the visa sticker is filled in, the mandatory entries set out in Annex VII shall be inserted and the machine-readable zone filled in, as provided for in ICAO documentPart 2.

Article 14 Supporting documents 1. In the case of signing on, the final destination is the port at which the seafarer is to sign on.

Article 38 Resources for examining applications and monitoring of consulates. When seafarers are due to enter via a land or a sea border, the competent authorities at the border post via which the seafarer concerned enters the territory of the Member States shall be informed by the same procedure.

An arrangement should be made to allow representatives of Iceland and Norway to be associated with the work of committees assisting the Commission in the exercise of its implementing powers under this Regulation.

The following rules shall be observed with respect to the photograph to be integrated into the visa sticker. The form shall be available in the following languages: However, a visa with limited territorial validity for the territory of the issuing Member State may be issued wiozwy the external border for such persons in exceptional cases, in accordance with Article 25 1 a. Permit to re-enter valid for two years.

Bez uszczerbku dla art. SCH Com-ex 94 25 and 98 Non-exhaustive list of supporting documents. Article 4 Filing of the application 1.