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The Karezza Method, by J. William Lloyd [], at This is because it’s not about technique or a goal driven encounter, instead it’s a The gentleman who introduced me to the Karezza method shared his insights. The Karezza Method, published in , is a beautiful, inspiring manual about the practice of Karezza (controlled intercourse) by J. William Lloyd. Thoughtfully.

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If you are prone to getting heated up easily, then have a bowl of ice and a cold damp wash cloth next to the bed. Have her lie in a straight line, easy, at peace, utterly relaxed and willing.

There are times when you will fall asleep while your penis is still inside her. Meanwhile you can recruit your wife or find a girl friend to help you with this critical transition phase, of moving from mating to bonding sex.

Everest and not get to the top?

It is best to remain perfectly still. What I will say, is that it takes a bit of time to wake up the genitals from their usual mode of operation. There seems to be some sort of adjustment as if the brain considers this conscious choice and adjusts. And where do yeasts thrive best? In contrast, for a man ejaculatory sex is a function of the fight-or-flight sympathetic nervous system response, particularly when his etchnique is at stake. I would like to suggest asking the kadezza what she wants in return.

Karezza in Four Easy Steps (for men) | Reuniting

It is very soothing and relaxing and releases oxytocin in the brain, which makes you feel bonded to your partner If you are prone to getting heated up easily, then have a bowl of ice and a cold damp wash tecjnique next to the bed. Never seek to stimulate the woman or make her feel horny or aroused. Biologically driven sex is exactly that — you are in karezzx mode, doing what needs to be done to survive through passing on your genes.


I’ve done some solo experimenting. The Karezza Methodby J. From what I have read, the taoist are firm about keeping the semen in the body. Darryl Keil, a year-old furniture maker found karezza when he and his wife were having problems in the bedroom 14 years ago. The two of you may want to benefit from this kind of love-making four or five times a week, but remember that it takes time and patience to get to the level where you, as a couple, can feel the flowing circuit.

Instead the pleasures come from rewarding feelings of mutual adoration and generous touch. But not all together surprising when it doesn’t include all the foreplay necessary to achieve orgasm. No urologist has wondered about this? We connect AND pleasure each other via the genitals.


In some cases, the penis will then slowly expand and grow inside of her. Erections also come and go.

Most probably, you will discover that you are numb or insensitive in this area from years of pursuing vaginal thrusting and hard masturbating. Here is his wisdom:. One of the tcehnique things around Karezza are the idea’s about what Karezza is and is not.


Penetration can now be perfect and complete. Sex-passion as an end in itself will degrade you make it a tool of your spirit. It takes a lot of practice to perfect so it can become tedious.

He died in In this technjque there is no mention of ear kissing, neck licking or biting, shoulder kissing, arse biting or nipple sucking, it’s all about the frigging penis.

Whoso would succeed with Karezza must begin with the mental and spiritual values. Be sure to apply a generous amount tehnique oil such as unscented almond oil on both of you.

Karezza in Four Easy Steps (for men)

There’s no moral approach here, its simply way more enjoyable than conventional kzrezza, at least for us. They can “diss” anything they find threatening to their own world view as “bad science,” which often discourages new points of view You can allow her to be as active as she pleases, or to have the orgasm herself, if she greatly desires it, with no danger to your equilibrium. Many Karezza men report that the desire for orgasm and ejaculation completely goes away after a few months and is no longer an issue.

The Karezza Methodpublished inis a beautiful, inspiring manual about the practice of Karezza controlled intercourse by J.