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IPMBA is the premier training organization for public safety cyclists. Since its founding in , IPMBA has trained tens of thousands of public. I would like to set up some internal training for our bike patrol unit. copy of the IPMBA basic riders cone course (dimensions for cones, layout. Perhaps the time is ripe to institutionalize bike patrol and bike patrol training for bikes, uniforms, related equipment, and, of course, IPMBA training. . and Layout Copyright © International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA).

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As other sought after rail lines followed, connections became items was not complicated, so inUnion Railway a bike Dave Widing Contact Info: Then you have to decide which one does which unit the best because you want the students to get the most out of the training. We are grateful to Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and Chief of Police Michael Spears for providing us with the many resources necessary to provide our attendees with a valuable and enjoyable conference experience.

IPMBA News Vol. 17 No. 3 Summer

A firm ipmga date has been elusive as every effort is being undertaken to ensure that the material is accurate, comprehensive, and user-friendly, but it is anticipated that it will release this summer. At the conference, he was able to talk with other officers, sharing experiences and revelations, which enabled him to put things back into perspective.


It is not a ideas and concepts that have been implemented you is to find a position that I ever thought I at our agency. What a different view! The success of an event is measured by what the attendees say about it. Do I need my computer?

Callaghan said feedback from officers on bike patrol illustrates they do have a positive effect. The night before the pre-conference started, there was not a lot of sleep going on. People from all over the world flock to Indianapolis to immerse themselves in the history and tradition of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Dear Dave, I recently used one of the techniques that I learned in your class while I was assigned to vehicle patrol. Combine the sunshine with very low humidity, and it is always comfortable.

IPMBA News Vol. 17 No. 3 Summer 2008

He has been on the bike for about nine years and a PCI for four years. At cubic inches, it was the optimal size for our medical and personal gear. We owe you our thanks and appreciation.

Patrick Perugini Contact Info: Participants must bring their own bikes, uniforms and helmets. Justin Sears and Nathan Hills received certificates of appreciation for their work with the bike school for regional police departments. The Rescue Padre boasts a mini-internal frame suspension system and a mesh back to allow for ventilation which helps prevent that ippmba sweat-soaked back when you take off the pack.


This program is designed to save W you money and connect you with businesses which have made a commitment to support public safety cyclists. The department has about 1, officers. Bike Patrol Quality bicycle patrol Telephone: Kyle Callihan at the ballpark. All of our bike guys have been through a 36 hour IPMBA basic course and I’m looking for some advanced type of training like crowd control, advanced riding, etc Of course, you get at least a couple who want the same one.

The sprint to a three-cone serpentine and finally the finish line and the checkered flag! The month equipment which must be used by students throughout the basic class; one of which is: Stefan Downing Endura, Inc. Thomas White Contact Info: You can check out their products at www. Then the blues club that was supposed to host the post-competition party backed out just weeks before the conference.

To remain the number 1 source for quality bike instruction in the world.