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As in the previous example, this implementation includes separate databases for storing the DeepSee cache, DeepSee implementation and settings, and. Tutorials for Caché topics, including Caché Basic, Caché ObjectScript, Web application development, Caché with Java, and XML. Applies to Caché & Ensemble. Overview of the Caché Object Data Model and Object Programming Caché comes with several built-in scripting languages: Caché ObjectScript, a powerful yet.

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I even had the ‘pleasure’ intersystdms going to one of the sales spiels on the ‘new’ Cache with all its OO features and so on The requirements are pretty ridiculous, they were telling us that we need 12 processors, we also need 2 full arrays in the SAN for their application to work properly.

The relationships are hierarchical. Despite the fact that represents its 50 th anniversary the original design basics of MUMPS are still meeting commercial needs today and show little evidence of being displaced in healthcare or large financial institutions by either RDBMS or NoSQL. It was a great write-up. No exception handling, no encapsulation, no typing, and so on. Loading More Posts 68 Posts.


MUMPS – The Most Important Database You (Probably) Never Heard Of

Problem is that if a runtime programming error occurs the error refer to the compiled code! It is good, but a bit brief and intersysems a bit incomplete. Reply Quote 0 N. They maintain health records for 10s or maybe over of millions of people world wide.

Where do you think errors refer? There are, of course, downsides. Then they have their programming language which sucks, give me a good clean language that was designed to be human readable at all times like CPHP, Java or JavaScript when well written.


I’m sure at the head of the company is another moron like Bill Gates who bought the software, before realizing that there was massive room for improvement DOS, and can’t program his way out of a paper bag C B Farley Consultant. Fast, ReUseable, OLD, Reliable and possibly even invented way before people actually realised all of the possibilities that it could be used for. A true living fossil Should I mention that this pile of crap is supposed to be happy on low-end hardware, but in my case is running on a quad-processor machine?

Yeah, I can just imagine why IBM supports it stodgy old firm stuck in the 50s when it was at the height of its power. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some nitersystems.

What I found is really astounding. Do the E subroutine.

Caché Basic Tutorial – Caché & Ensemble

I mean, having to type CSP: A mind-set impedance mismatch it you like. Combined, it’s a hidden disease. Extremely simple to administer requiring essentially tutoral DBAs. Just like most other languages. If Mumps would live on to support running legacy software – fine, but to continue to market it as a valid and modern solution for any problem is frankly dishonest.

Yes, that’s right, to something which in turn is compiled to yet another form.

What the Daily WTF?

Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i. That being said, how many times are we going to bump this thread?


And it doesn’t stop there. I can advise that the new code editor is an improvement over the older in that the syntax highlighting is no longer so slow that it grinds your system to a halt.

If R is true, quit. Plus the requirement to have technical people who understand both systems to keep them in synch. Through the ewd-document-store Node. I’m sure the executives love pretending they are living in the good old days before the PC Revolution that started hammering nails in their coffin.

I assume your college buddy was too depressed to comment. There are over different areas of the hospital that are part of this more than Open Source Software Suite interssystems is actually FOIA, and is available as a world domain package.

Hey, here’s a WTF: However, it still can highlight code which is perfectly valid and compiles fine, and fail to highlight code which is wrong and will not compile. Reply Reply as topic. Is There an Opportunity Here?

ObjectScript Tutorial – Caché & Ensemble

M Acculturation Tutorjal, a series of self-paced exercises using a virtual machine. I’ll point him at this thread, see if he can clear up whether or not a lot of these problems still exist. Computer science has learned and matured enormously since Mumps was conceived – please use this fact when planning new systems! This is the greatest, and most true thing I have ever read.