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La Hidrocefalia normotensiva o Hidrocefalia crónica del adultu ye una entidá pocu conocida causada por un aumentu de líquidu cefalorraquídeo, nos. Hidrocefalia de pressão normal (HPN), hidrocefalia normotensiva, hidrocefalia oculta ou síndrome de Hakim-Adams é uma doença neurológica causada pela. Transcript of Hidrocefalia Normotensiva. Logo DESARROLLO Generalidades Definición Condición Neurológica Caracteriza por una.

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Our study data partially confirm these results, because traditional prognostic factors cannot help to predict response to a shunt and thus should not be used as criteria for ruling out shunt surgery in normotensjva with NPH.

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Results Clinical Symptoms of NPH Before treatment, 10 patients had the complete clinical triad, one patient had cognitive dysfunction only, and another patient had gait and cognitive disturbances but no sphincter incontinence. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Algorithm demonstrating patient selection in this study. The neuropsychological examination included tests of verbal and visual memory, speed of mental processing, and frontal lobe functioning as well as a brief screening test for dementia.

The clinical condition of patients with NPH who present traditionally accepted markers of poor prognosis can improve after surgery especially as regards gait and sphincter controlindicating that the presence of these markers should not be considered as an absolute criterion for ruling out shunt surgery.

Although different types of shunt were used in this series, all of them were included in the low-pressure category of valves.

Patients were administered the WMS, 35 which consists of seven subtests: The dura mater was opened by coagulation and as far as possible the size of the hole was limited to the diameter of the ventricular catheter. Patients’ functional behavior and changes in daily life activities were evaluated using several rating scales: In addition, we considered patients older than 64 years only because age is considered one of the most significant variables in neurological recovery and can preclude aggressive treatment.


Early or late postsurgical complications were found in two of the 12 patients in the poor prognosis group.

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Future research on hydrocephalus should always include a detailed clinical description of the sample, with the diagnostic and surgical strategies used.

Statistical significance was noted at a probability level less than or equal to 0. The disease affects three main areas—gait, sphincter control, and cognitive functioning—which were evaluated hirocefalia to the NPH scale Table 3. Age, symptom duration, degree of preoperative dementia, and ventricular dilation were not definitively related to neuropsychological or functional changes after surgery when these factors were evaluated by an independent neuropsychologist; however, clinical or radiological factors classically associated with a poor prognosis are increasingly hormotensiva in patients with suspected NPH or in those who have a mixed-type dementia NPH associated with other neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer disease or vascular dementia.

Outcome was independently assessed by the neurosurgeon and neuropsychologist 6 months after the shunt procedure by using the NPH scale. No statistically significant improvement was found in the cognitive subcomponent Table 6.

A causa di questo equilibrio il paziente non mostra i sintomi classici dell’ipertensione endocranica quali cefaleanausea, vomito o incoscienza. Clinically, the patient showed a predominance of gait alterations and urinary incontinence, with subtle normotensova memory deficit and no other symptomatology.

In the subgroup of patients with a differential-pressure valve and no antisiphon or gravity-compensating accessory, the beds were kept flat for at normotensova 7 to 9 days, after which ambulation was begun.

After shunt placement, hidrocefaliq patient experienced marked improvement abnormal but independent and stable gait, normal sphincter control, and fewer self-reported memory problems—all of which persist to date, 8 years after the shunt was inserted. Authors of recent reports in the literature stress the fact that NPH can be highly heterogeneous. In this study we selected a subgroup of patients with some of the traditionally accepted predictors of poor outcome.


Postsurgical Complications There was no treatment-related death. Briefly, one dose each of sulfamethoxazole mg and trimethoprim mg were normotenisva as prophylactic antibiotic agents during induction of anesthesia, followed by a further three doses every 12 hours.

No worsening was observed in any patients Table 5 and Fig. In normotensivx experience, continuous ICP monitoring is mandatory when, despite compatible clinical and radiological data, the tap test is negative or the R out is within a normal range.

The Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed-rank test was used to compare presurgical and postsurgical data. A Delta valve with a performance level of 0.

There was no treatment-related death. We selected a subgroup of patients who demonstrated four of the most commonly accepted predictors of poor outcome following shunt surgery.

Despite the trend toward improvement in attention and verbal memory, only four of the patients presented clinical cognitive amelioration.

Excluding these patients from surgery means that progressive deterioration is inevitable and will likely have an adverse effect on the quality of life of many patients hidrocedalia their families. Consequently, their role in the diagnosis of NPH and prediction of its outcome should be reconsidered.

All of our patients presented cortical atrophy, which was one of the selection criteria.

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