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Germany: A Winter’s Tale: Deutschland: Ein Wintermärchen [Heinrich Heine, Jacob Rabinowitz, Brett Rutherford] on *FREE* shipping on. : Deutschland – Ein Wintermärchen (German Edition) ( ): Heinrich Heine: Books. Heinrich Heine’s two epic poems from the early ‘s, Atta Troll and Deutschland. Ein Wintermärchen, have lent themselves to a number of ideological.

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The Winter Tale has also been censored and Heine was made to “glue some fig leaves” on it, as he put it, before it was allowed to be published in its current form.

A monk of its church told me that there is a German proverb that says: View all 9 comments. Both poems, though, are shaped by Heine’s cynical wit and his skeptical views of the future of Germany; both also call upon Romantic ideals for support in their arguments and criticisms.

Deutschland. Ein Wintermärchen by Heinrich Heine

Eher das historische Interesse an Heines Person hat mich vorangetrieben, dieses Buch zu lesen. Yes, it’s a satire, definitely; but I felt that even though we have discuss I like reading Heine.

Open Preview See winterjrchen Problem? Feb 08, Leah rated it liked it Shelves: He reports his dreams of the nights before, some historical events, strange encounters with ghosts and witches, always witty and funny. Lists with This Book.

Heinrich Heine: Deutschland ein Wintermärchen by Anne Lorenz on Prezi

Ein Sommernachtstraum “Atta Troll: Atta Troll and Deutschland. Even when deutschlandd don’t understand it completely, the underlying currents are clear. Schubert was dead by Obendrein hapert es oft gewaltig mit den Reimen und erinnerte mich an den Spruch: Then the Censor makes winterkrchen cut at the critical place. The subject of the book is his journey in the early s from his exile in France to visit his mother and his publisher in …more Heine died years ago.


The verse-form he delivers it in does not hinder understanding, but encourages a comfortable flow of reading. Nov 28, Markus rated it really liked it Shelves: Ansonsten sehe ich nicht viel Interessantes darin.

In particular the chapter “Die ‘Visionen’ und ‘Auferstehungen’ in Deutschland. In fact, the building of it is taking so long that many people seem to believe it will never be finished! In Hamburg he goes in to visit his mother. Still, a perceptive, interesting, and well-written critique.

Thus, Heine’s two poems, though often maligned or ignored by critics — H. The one passage that amused me about that Caput was this one: I generally can’t read poems Heine’s Winter Tale is a very clever piece – it’s perfect if you love picking out all the hidden messages, meanings and links. Pressing need of business for an available Emperor?

Here deutsdhland Earth we shall full soon A heavenly realm decree.

At the end of Heine went back to Germany for a few weeks to visit his mother and his publisher Julius Campe in Hamburg. Princes and kings, emperors even, get their come-uppance, as well as the military- and church people, and of course the much behated censor, by whose “work” Heine saw himself forced to turn his back on Germany and go to Paris. There’s just so much to find! Ironically, censorship of Heine’s works, particularly of the Winter Tale, became a major reason for Heine’s raising fame.

A beautiful book, which I recommend to everyone! Usually, I am a little reluctant to read In terms of sheer poetry, the music of the verses is absolutely delicious: Grab’s explication of the Barbarossa sequence and the Hamburg encounters with Hammonia were very insightful.

Useful, although very dependent on historical data, less concerned with poetological or text-internal strategies. Above all Heine criticized German militarism and reactionary chauvinism i. From the onset of the Metternich Restoration in GermanyHeine was no longer secure from the censorshipand in he finally migrated to France as an exile. Views Read Edit View history.


The chapters on Atta Troll and Deutschland discuss questions of production, close readings and interpretation of selected passages, and general problematic points. Und das verwundert ganz und gar nicht. For my purposes, this was an excellent source, essentially an overview of recent scholarship on Heine’s works. Heone Heine als politischer Dichter.

Atta Troll and Deutschland, ein Wintermärchen (Heinrich Heine)

Not surprisingly the mythic German Emperor presents himself as a man become imbecile through senility, who is above all proud of the fact that his banner has not yet been eaten by moths.

The “Winter Tale” is his travelogue. It continues to inspire, aesthetically and politically. He ridicules all religions as nothing more than superstition. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Deutschland, ein Wintermärchen

All in all this is a worthwhile work of a great German poet, and I had a lot of fun reading it, especially for its satirical sharpness [and because my hometown wintrrmrchen the people around here get mentioned in a favorable kind of way].

All these 18 decades have past jeine this work is still fresh and new. Quotes from Deutschland, ein November Learn how and when to remove this template message.

In the same way that Antaeus needed contact with the Earth, so Heine drew his skill and the fullness of his thought winteermrchen through intellectual contact with the homeland.

Feb 10, Piet Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: This Heine offers as a metaphoric statement of the critical distance occupied by himself as polemic or satirical poet, and of the sheepskin-costume appropriate for much of what was surrounding him.

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