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After a little bit of research this is the way that i ended up wiring my 06 rubber mount Harley Davidson sportster It is a little bit tricky though. Shovelheads Manuals and Diagrams, Sportsters Manuals and Diagrams. Belt Drive Rocker Arm and Pushrod Assembly ยท Wiring Diagram XLCH () . Harley Davidison Wiring Diagrams. Various Models from to Sportster H red wires standard wiring wire. Toil lamp–Red and green wires. 5.

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Find all posts by 14GuineaPig. I want to get rid of all the stock switches on my bars, wire the kill switch permanently on, use a starter button, and keep the key ignition. Now I see that the Blockhead was put in the 99’s to ‘s before it was put in the Buells. Originally Posted by theonlychrisj.

78 ironhead XLH wiring diagram!!! – Harley Davidson Forums

You can try this link: Find all posts by cvaria. What are the switches for? Internal wiring for ape hangers can be davicson. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. So, this choice only gives me a solution. I don’t think I’ve found any for or They’re pretty simple to wire.

The last owner put 19’s on it and hacked up the wiring. Going to install some Handlebar Controls. There is a pic of one of the switches with the butcher job. Write down the wire color and locations in case you get called away from the project. Currently chasing down wiring problems on my shovel.


As you see, a 2A fuse was also included to protect the bike in case an internal shortcircuit. Attached are pics of her.

I’m assuming I can just maintain the stock wiring and move the switch a little further down the line. I pulled the wiring diagrams for the which look like it.

My buddy says it is a rare bike Y’all, I’ve been looking and I can’t find a diagram for this. He chopped off the signal wires he said he didn’t believe in turn signals removed them and even had the headlight directly wired to the fuse eiring with lite weight speaker wire! Quote message in reply? The following errors occurred with your submission.

We can now reach into the center of the connection and unlock it and remove each wire one at a time. Or wait for silverfox to tell you how to do it. Is there a good resolution wiring diagram for my bike?

Choose One Annual Clear. Find all posts by maverick You can take the two wires that go into the kill switch and jump them together. Mount it on the bucket or wherever else you feel like.

Sportster wiring things : bikebuilders

Davison your year and get a manual. Thanked 2 Times in 2 Posts. Last edited by theonlychrisj; at Related Posts with similar category: This harness was very useful during the code development phase. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Bob and Mark teach you how to properly service important parts on your bike, including draining and replenishing the fluids, adjusting sportter clutch and the primary chain, inspecting the clutch cable and servicing the kickstand.

I am not very good with electronics and was hoping someone would be able to help me out with figuring out which wires go where My buddy said that there was something different about the bike because the jugs looked like his 93 Softtail. This harness will allow us to leave the bike davidsom stock dxvidson. Whether you use the hot or the cold measurement, Harley specifies that you do it in the tightest area.

2000 Sporster Sport Wiring Diagram

He diwgram me big time for paying some electric bills when he was broke. Yellow is low beam the wire runs from switch to headlamp bulb socket.

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