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First download Firefox.. duh right:) Then open your ThinApp setup capture application, it will illustrate the steps required to ThinApp your application. This tutorial will guide you through how to install Vmware Thinapp Packager, in which after we will package Firefox 4 into a Thinapp Package. This tutorial is. I just learned there are problems with Firefox and Thinapp, apparently since (release date: december 16th, a full three months before the article was.

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Sure I have some weird stuff and I did have to do some workarounds https: The description in the following image gives a good explanation as to what each setting does. The build process is now complete. At least I can deploy FF This is on a Windows 7 VM.

ThinApping Firefox version 52 Using ThinApp |VMware Communities

Click on ThinApp Setup Capture to start the application. Here I was hoping that by the time When firefo manually, it works. This is on a clean Windows 7 machine, of course.

Thanks Everyone for the information!!

VMware Communities: Message List – VMware ThinApp: Discussion Forum

So this isn’t fixed in the latest version? The latest version of Firefox supported by ThinApp is Are you the publisher? Is there any way to open files in existing window process at once? I’ll be having a go at You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Our friends at the Mozilla project have been doing some funky changes again, and it looks like it’s now definitly broken in combination with Thinapp. You have the ability to limit the application to Everyone or by Active Directory and Local groups.


Firstly create a base line snapshot so that you can revert to this snapshot at the end of this tutorial. Sorry for the late reply.

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. For example I would change the default cache size down to MB. Contact us about this article. Firefox 52 ESR is the latest version I was able to thinapp.

VMware Communities: Message List – VMware ThinApp: Discussion Forum

You have an option to create an MSI package and Compress the virtual package. Do you have instructions for Thinapping Visio Open files with thinapped application. Does anyone know how to correct this? It is significantly slows down opening files in thin application.

Please check this KB: I’ll go try a beta Repeat this tutorial to create another Thinapp Application. With some luck they’ll be able to work with the Mozilla guys to get these problems ironed out. Maybe I can relate some of the albeit minor issues to it so I can close some internal support tickets complaining about that minor stuff with that info.


Maybe I can relate some of the albeit minor issues to it so I can close some internal support tickets complaining about that minor stuff with that info.

Vmware Thinapp Creating a Thinapp

Microsoft Visio Thinapp instructions. Oddly enough the thinapp only works on virtual desktops, thinapo on physical machines. Go ahead and install Firefox and make any changes that you wish to carry into the Thinapp. In this tutorial I will select Everyone. In this example it will be Firefox 4. So you made something different.

If you wish to include any redirected websites, type them here and click Next. It turns out the Thinapp of Firefox doesn’t pick up the system proxy settings.

You can edit the Package.