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An Exaltation of Larks has ratings and reviews. Candace said: Check out more of my reviews at s book was absolutely. An Exaltation of Larks or, The Venereal Game, by James Lipton. N.Y.: Grossman Publishers. Illustrated. pp. YOU CANT fight the media. James Lipton. This ultimate edition of An Exaltation of Larks is Mr. Lipton’s brilliant answer to the assault on language and literacy in the last decades of the twentieth century.

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The minute this pre-order hit my Kindle early Tuesday morning, I dove right in and didn’t come up for air till I was done. He wore a tux like it was a bathrobe.

And there lies the magic, an effortless intimacy with the words – the damn invisible strings tugging on my heart. I could not pull myself away from this story, even falling asleep with my propped up on laeks chest at night.

Years later the three are reunited when Jav comes to Guelisten, after being named the guardian of his orphaned nephew. I had no idea that this game of venery was My parents had a copy of the first edition of An Exaltation of Larks.


Would you like to tell us about a lower price? I’m not a writer, so trying to review a book is hard enough, but reviewing one that blew me away I love this book in any edition.

They felt real with all their struggles and heartbreaks. On the first few days after his arrival he meets the Lark Family, and immediately they take a liking to him. The way that this book weaves and wobbles and shoots straight to the stars will stay with you and make you think about it for days. For those who have ever wondered if the familiar “pride of lions” and “gaggle of geese” were only the tip of a linguistic iceberg, James Lipton I like his vulnerability but at times I also wish he was more assertive.


But of course, a review needs words, so here goes This is my first book by Ms. In this version an extra section appeared with the title Treatyse on Fysshynge with an Anglethat is, angling or rod fishing.

He has a moral compass that only points one way.

An Exaltation of Larks

This book is a quick, pleasant read with a bonus of lasting fun playing the Game of Venery. The book spans exwltation decades starting when the main characters are children and continuing until they are midlife adults. Dammit the barrier language!

An absolutely interesting read. Unfortunately, I was unable to write them down and will have to re-acquire this book so as to do so.

An Exaltation of Larks by James Lipton | : Books

I had been a exaltatuon happy owner of the Edition: He is the executive producer, writer and host of the Bravo cable television series, Inside the Actors Studiowhich debuted in View all 25 comments. Then love, lust, friendship, and incredible coincidences will play a big part in either fortifying or perhaps destroying their bond forever.

The lyrical prose made the decades, and the pages fly past, I wanted to pause. This is a serious problem if you are as devoted to the English language as I am. View all 28 comments.

Simple ingredients, finely crafted.

An Exaltation of Larks: The Ultimate Edition by James Lipton

A few would have been fine, but overall I didn’t feel like they added to the book, in fact, I think they were a distraction. When Alex’s uncle dies several years later, the Lark family assumes guardianship of Alex. He stays hidden except to sneak quietly out for food or the bathroom. Nov 11, Jacob rated it liked it. If you’re looking for an introduction to the subject, choose one of those.


A story that weaves families together by coincidence or by fate I love his life story and how he evolved throughout the book.

Unknown Binding Verified Purchase. If you ever picked up a book based on my rec and enjoyed it, do yourself a favor and read this one. And I can’t thank her enough! Here is where the brilliance begins How does one describe the indescribable? His father has been gone, and when they come banging on the door for his mother, she hides Alejandro in the closet.

I understand the significance but the additional drama just felt a little off to me.

Probably most useful in crossword puzzles and trivial pursuit, collective nouns are indeed curious. For me the consistently best part of this edition are the illustrations. View all 87 comments. This author will be one to watch out in the future.

A story that spans 35 years Suanne Laqueur is one of the aforementioned writers, and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to read I have exactly 3 favorite authors. These are organized into categories, and the fun part is adding your own to the lists.

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