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UNNATURAL DEATH () by Dorothy L. Sayers. “I believe this is the case I have always been waiting for. The case of cases. The murder. Download Unnatural Death free in PDF & EPUB format. Download Dorothy L. Sayers’s Unnatural Death for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or. The third book in the classic British detective series featuring amateur sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey, with a new introduction by crime writer Minette Walters.

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Several days later Miss Findlater’s body is found on the downs, apparently killed by a blow to the head. We are deaht introduced to a new companion of Peter, the interesting Miss Climpson.

The Unfinished Novel and Other stories. The interesting thing about Sayers is that she seems both seriously guilty of it and yet simultaneously more sensitive than most to the issue as a whole, which somehow makes it worse.

Wimsey meets such a doctor by chance, and sets about investigating the slightly premature decease of an old lady who refused to make her will. I’ve enjoyed all of the Wimsey mysteries I’ve read so far and am very glad that I have a few still to read in the series.

Not much of a mystery I’m afraid. Wimsey sends his private investigator, Miss Alexandra Climpson, to the village of Leahampton to investigate. This is a real puzzle of a mystery, with endless clues and suspects and sometimes you do feel a little bogged down in information.



What is the motive? Jul 29, Jeanette rated it really liked it. Investigating the scene, Wimsey discovers this magazine.

Waiter, take the gentleman’s snails away and bring oysters instead This dortohy at least partly to do with her religious views she’s not quite a Roman Catholic, but is very ‘high church’ Anglican, with rosaries, confession, etc.

However, Unnatural Death contains all dkrothy humor and old world panache as well as old world borderline racism one comes to expect from these books, and any fan of the Wimsey stories will enjoy this one regardless of its minor failings.

Wimsey decides to track down the maids and in saydrs hires Miss Climpson, another of a great many unmarried women that populate the book, to find the village where Miss Dawson died Carr has been discreet on the point and dig up any dirt — this leads to several sections in which we are told many tales of past events, mainly from gossiping ladies, which are then reported back to Lord Peter in a succession of italics-ridden reports delivered regularly by post.

The amateur sleuth became curious and decided to investigate further.

My mother has a complete set on her shelf and seen en masse like that its a real eyesore! Now, she unnatiral Miss Findlater go off on a daytrip. She includes many things that would have been very shocking to older readers at the time. Miss Climpson may have had a quite conventional attitude toward ‘woman’s place’.

Unnatural Death: Lord Peter Wimsey Book 3 by Dorothy L Sayers – Books – Hachette Australia

The Wimsey books, in general, are superb examples of Golden Dfath detective fiction: The story itself is a pretty good mystery, satisfyingly tangled and yet with one of those surprisingly simple solutions. And this one is excellent.


Lord Peter Wimsey Book 3. I laughed out loud for the terms of “old” people in this book- twice. Dorothy Sayers wrote one of the most profound books on the connection between creativity and the Trinity in The Mind of the Maker, so I was curious to read her more work-a-day work. Miss Whittaker kills Miss Findlater and arranges footprints with the shoes she’d bought and other false evidence suggesting that two men killed Miss Findlater and kidnapped Miss Whittaker.

I should do a review really …. I will just pretend I never read this book. It would seem sensible to assume that DLS did as it would take longer to write a book than short story. Wade Center at Wheaton College.

Unnatural Death

Why droothy I have managed to rate 76 books so far, everything dorotby Regency romance to labor history with the same five-star system, but I can’t do this one. There are three interesting points I’d like to note about this book. While Peter is central to all of the investigation, we get nice insights from both Inspector Parker and Miss Climpson and both play important roles; as investigators and fact-finders, while Peter is more of an intuitor did I invent a word??