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The latest Tweets from Dave Raggett (@draggett). I am a part of the W3C Team and the champion for the Web of Things. I have been involved with many core. Member of staff at W3C’s European host, Dave has long been involved with the development of Web technology standards. – draggett. Dave Raggett. Updated: 09/15/ by Computer Hope. Dave Raggett Name: Dave Raggett. Born: June 8,

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Recently the maintenance raygett Tidy has been taken over by a group of dedicated volunteers on SourceForge, see: I have participated in a number of European research projects: Raggett on HTML 4. The project is funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme. This would have huge benefits, for instance, much smarter ways of searching for information, and more flexible user interfaces to applications.

XForms builds on XML to transfer form data as structured data.

The long term aim is to avoid the need for Web application authors to have to learn the intricacies of markup, style ravgett and scripting languages, and the infuriating variations across browsers.

I have explored the potential of custom XML applications written in Haxe and deployed via the extremely ubiquitous flash player.

This uses the Loquendo libraries for speech synthesis and recognition for the speech server, but end users only need to install a small portable proxy raggwtt. I plan to work on an open source broad coverage statistical natural language raaggett for parsing and generation, and a relevancy-based inference system for natural language semantics.

Addison Wesley Longman Limited. Data and data services are increasingly strategically important for businesses. The Web of data is growing rapidly, and interoperability depends upon the availability of open standards, whether intended for interchange within small communities, or for use on a global scale.

Envisioning new technologies and services through conferences and presentations to individual companies, etc. The Semantic Web, with its ability to represent a World Wide Web of machine interpretable data and metadata, will give users tremendous flexibility for exploring huge amounts of information about companies and markets.

The document profile provides the basis for interoperability guarantees. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. InRaggett devoted his spare time to developing a Web browser called Arenaon which he hoped to demonstrate new and future HTML specifications. Retrieved 6 June Openwave had experience with VoiceXML for unified messaging.


I am intrigued with the idea of giving computers a modicum of common sense, or in other words a practical knowledge of everyday things. EzMath is particularly simple to use as well as providing a convenient way to author MathML.

I have worked on solutions for adding speech capabilities to Web browsers with the support of Loquendo. He used Arena to demonstrate all these things, and to experiment with different ways of reading and dsve both valid and incorrectly written HTML pages.

W3C is pleased to release a W3C study on practices and […] More…. My interest in multimodal interaction started years ago, and led to work within the Voice Browser activity and more recently to a new W3C Multimodal activity of which I am the W3C Activity Lead. The decision to implement a proxy server came after experience with implementing a binary Firefox extension for speech synthesis which I demoed at the W3C Technical Plenary in early I enjoy working in teams, whether locally or remotely, and helping to build consensus, as well as influencing the timing and direction of work as part of corporate objectives.

When I get time, I plan to combine this with ideas developed for XForms, to produce a powerful new way to describe XML document integrity constraints that bursts free of the static nature of XML Schema, to cover dynamic constraints expressed in fuctional and logical terms.

Retrieved 2 March Recipient of Talking Hands Award in January I am married with a son and a daughter, and live in Bradford on Avon, near Bath in the west of England. He was convinced that hypertext Web pages could be much more exciting, like magazine pages rather than textbook pages, and that HTML could be used to position not just text on a page but pictures, tables, and other features.

Curriculum Vitae/Resume for Dave Raggett

Retrieved 28 September I like to dabble with software, and am currently working on a suite of Web of Things serversbrowser based editing, and an experimental framework for the Web of Thought. He created a browser called Arena.

In Weaving the Web: Developing and driving a vision of technology and services to daggett people together and fulfil the potential of the Web. Statistical approaches offer a way out of the combinatorial explosion faced by AI, and I am excited by faggett in cognitive science on relevancy theory and the potential for applying statistical learning techniques to semantics, learning on the fly or from tagged corpora.


I have managed a number of Summer jobs for students with projects ranging from math on the Web, embedded browsers, voice browsers, and unified messaging.

Curriculum Vitae/Résumé for Dave Raggett

This workshop seeks to make it easier to monetize open Web applications, as an effective alternative to proprietary native app ecosystems.

I launched the Model Based User Interface Incubator Group in October to evaluate research on model-based user interface design as a framework for authoring Web applications and with a view to proposing work on related standards.

There is a huge potential for combining XBRL with the Semantic Web as a basis for raggert financial data and combining it with other sources of information. World Wide Web Consrtium. Retrieved 26 September Views Read Edit View history. This work is still at an early stage, but aims to weave together ideas for visual, aural raggdtt tactile interaction with the Web, offering users the means to choose whether to use their eyes or ears, and fingers or speech as appropriate to the context in which they find themselves.

See also these notes on my personal involvement with the early days. The key idea is to separate the user interface and presentation from the underlying data model and logic.

World Wide Web Consortium. Meanwhile, China plans to boost its trillion dollar digital economy to drive job creation in […] More…. It turned out to be very challenging to add support for speech recognition, and would in any case only work with Firefox, while the proxy server would raggett with any modern web browser. Retrieved from ” https: