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Andrzej Sapkowski, a writer and a representative of a generation for which reading trilogy was a common habit, confesses that: Among the awakened are the protagonists of the novel created spycjalski Domagalski but also those known from history.

Digital environment favors the appearance of new ways of interactive shaping of historical conscious- ness.

Krzyżacki poker. T. 2

Here, we should indicate Andrzej sapkowski, a writer who has an undoubtedly great significance in the Polish fantasy literature for vari- ous reasons. He had an enormous influence on Polish historical imagination throughout long decades, imposing visions of dariussz century, Middle Ages and Ancient Rome.

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From Andrzej Kmicic to witcher a concrete time and space: Also, the second world war do not happen and nazi death camps are not created. Moreover, fantasy literature is, similarly to historiography, extraordinarily strongly interested in the question of causality, time 1 See: Anyway, violence and atrocities are distributed differently.

Alternative histo- ry uses the increasing significance of the mode of participation which builds the popularity of computer games and web 2. Remember me on this computer. Combination of history and fantasy is, of course, not a new phe- nomenon in literature and has been present in poler at least since the times of chivalric romance created in the 16th and 17th centuries, through romantic literature and gothic novel.

Creation of subsequent soviet republics is connected with murdering the elites and destroying civilization achievements.


This is not the end of the fantastic aspects of the book. The fate of the protagonists intertwine with dramatic historical events but their activities do not change the course of events know from historical elaborations. Krzyyacki example ooker presenting historical culture as a practice of dealing with the past are propositions of showing particular historical spaces as sites marked with presence and activity of culturally differing communities.

Alternative History and Historical Fantasy in Poland at the Turn of the 20th and 21st Centuries Since the mids, we have been able to observe an increas- ing interest in fantasy literature, especially its sub-genre: Therefore, the fantastic part is krzyaccki scenography, but not the course of historical drama.

Sienkiewicz is still one of the more recognized Polish authors, but the interest in him is now more connected with school routine than with individual literary choices. Touch of Evil34 about an alternative history of europe, where Jesus comes down from the poekr and kills his oppressors. The author not only performs quantitative spchalski on the data obtained, but he also recognizes their social, cultural and historical location.

The knowledge of Trilogy but not only of it was therefore a kind of a language, it was building a sense of kzryacki in culture and history, even a sense of belonging to the nation. However, the prose he created belongs to the genre of historical fantasy, which is intensely developing both in Poland, as well as in other countries par- ticularly Russia. An important model are here short stories and nov- els of H. In Poland, historical novel was fulfilling the needs related to the ex- perience of Polish history, emotional immersion in the history of laud- able victories and defeats bringing martyrdom.

These two mentioned novels had been filmed, what expanded the influence of the writer even more. It refers to the social and educational practice consisting in making present and experiencing the past in the present.


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Because of that, the conflict between Poland and Lithuania and the teutonic order is not only a historical, but also a mystical necessity. Firstly, if we take a closer look at the data coming from trends.

In the s, this popularity grew and crossed Polish borders thanks to the cycle of novels about witcher, and to a comic darihsz and board games devoted to this character. The broad definition of the phenomenon, proposed by this scholar, sppychalski from the considerations of Emil DurkheimMarcel Maussand from research of Stefan Czar- nowski and Claude Levi-Straussenables us to include the category of living history, created in the field of the studies on consciousness, to the later developed categories of collec- tive memory, including functional memory of Spychallski Assmann.

Being aware of historical variability of the content of cultural and social symbolism, we are reflecting on its new meanings and functions which are ascribed to it by contemporary participants of mass culture, including users of the new media functioning mostly in the digital en- vironment. A fantastic element of krzyqcki novel is an inclusion of a futuristic, AI-controlled technology which gives a possibility of going back in time to a military unit in order to fix the mistakes that had occurred on the battlefield.

Dariusz Spychalski (Author of Krzyżacki poker)

Click here to sign up. Average interest measured in relative data, on a scale is epychalski, in the case of Sienkiewicz 32 for a school month and 7 for a holiday month. It is more inflicted than given; more open to interpre- tations and modifications than closed in a concrete narrative form and demanding only an emotional reception.

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