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Citadel, the concluding volume of Mosse’s French Trilogy, is. Da Vinci Code, Kate Mosse’s blockbuster Labyrinth arrived as a welcome. Katharine Louise Mosse OBE (born 20 October ), or Kate Mosse, is an English novelist, Citadel, the third novel in the trilogy, came out in and was also an international bestseller. Inspired by the real history of the resistance in. France, While war blazes at the front lines of Europe, in the walled southern city of Carcassonne, nestled deep in the Pyrenees, a group of courageous.

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However, there is one character that makes an appearance in all three novels, and the supernatural aspect of the story might best be understood by reading them in order.

I can see what other people enjoyed about it, it’s just not my cup of tea. She then wrote two contemporary novels.

View all 13 comments. Through the character Sandrine, I saw a transformation in citqdel her personality and story-line. Fantasy books Fiction reviews.

It eyed me up, and finding me worthy, told me I was taking it out th Kate Mosse has been on the periphery of my literary radar for a while now. It moosse one trite cliche after another. Yes, it’s overlong but thoroughly enjoyable.

Kate Mosse – Wikipedia

I did citadfl Labyrinth better. My mum bought this book, now I see it is book 3 in a series? Surely women did not talk in that pseudo American way in provincial France.

The constant repetition of somewhat cliched phrases was a little irritating, at times. At times, it was repetitive and confusing.

That started to change around chapter 37, when the major love story started to develop and Sandrine begins to grow up and understand the harsher truths about the war. Moreover, there was citaddl sense of the era or location in the way in which they spoke, which was entirely misplaced.

Having said all this I found the bad guy to be the most believable character in the whole book. See 1 question about Citadel….


However, Mosse managed to convey that those who were involved in the resistance movement were as prone to human flaws, and errors of judgement, as the rest of us. I borrowed Labyrinth from our book club buddy and still have not kzte around to reading it. Loading comments… Trouble loading? While I am not typically a fantasy reader, the “ghost army” felt like more of a list of names and not a forceful presence to be ciradel with.

Labyrinth / Sepulchre / Citadel

It starts off very slowl I enjoyed Labyrinth and Sepulchre enormously and was overjoyed when I heard Kate had written the final book in the Languedoc trilogy after the disappointment of the dreadful Winter Ghosts and was expecting this to be more on the lines of the previous two books, namely the supernatural elements, but this is nothing like the other two at all.

The ending tugged on mossse heartstrings. But in a world where the enemy now lies in every shadow – where neighbour informs on neighbour; where friends disappear without warning and often without trace – love can demand the highest price of all. Mosse has marshalled a large cast of characters, although as in Labyrinth and its citdel, Sepulchre the story centres around a determined young heroine, in this case year-old Sandrine Vidal, an orphan living with her older sister in Carcassonne.

Even though this is about the war, the beginning starts off slow. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.

On the other side the past is the story of a Monk by the same of Arinius who risks his life to find the same text that’s used later on to summon everyone who’s have ever fallen in the Midi “so others could live”to fight again for the cause, his story is much shorter than the other ones from the previous books but the present time requires so much that it was appropriated to make it this way.

Lists with This Book. But I kept wondering when the real story would start and kqte I would actually learn something about what kind of book this was. It’s a small point but it was jarringly emotional, a different style to the rest of the book. It would read perfectly well as a standalone novel.


Citadel likes to talk about itself, and boy, it had certainly had its share of adventure sto relate. The interwoven story of the Codex seemed to me to be superfluous, and diverted from the tale of genuine heroism, on the part of the protagonists.

Nov 01, Luna Ofthenight rated it really liked it. Instead the story set during the Second World War is interwoven with a tale of a Dark Ages monk who is seeking to protect a mysterious scroll called the Codex. Kate is the Kate Mosse is an international bestselling author with sales of more than five million copies in 42 languages. I read the first two books of the trilogy and really wasn’t sure where she’d go next. So I ask, why is there a book about “sacred words” and Christians, paired with and utilized by an unbelieving French resistance fighter?

There were too many characters without fully fleshed out personalities or descriptions, so it seemed a bit tedious. I was somewhat disappointed in the final pages of this overlong book. Chichester Festival Theatre at Fifty”. In fact the ending overall was a bit of a let down given the lengthy build up. It is almost as if they had no lives beyond the war and while war does tend to do that most books that I have read with world war 2 backgrounds usually provide characters with more holistic lives.

Despite some poetic license being taken throughout the novel, Mosse does stay true to the key facts of the French Resistance and the courage it took to sustain such a movement.