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An action-packed FBI thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter! In Connecticut, the murder of a pharmaceutical bigwig brings in. In Coulter’s fab 14th FBI paranormal romantic thriller (after KnockOut), FBI Whiplash. Catherine Coulter, Author Putnam (p) ISBN. Whiplash: Book summary and reviews of Whiplash by Catherine Coulter.

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It’ll take the FDA so long to get their act together we’ll all have cashed in before the pressure’s too great. I just wanted to finish book, to see who First Coulter read, won’t be returning. In this series View all Book There isn’t usually much romance or sex and the violence isn’t gratuitous. I think readers who haven’t read most of the previous books, would spend a lot of time trying to figure out the backstory of characters. Finding out that a man had been brutally murdered and left for dead near the same area at around the same time she had been there meant that she could be the best suspect the police, or in this case FBI Special Agent Bowie Richards would have, if they knew she was the one that broke in.

Though it started a bit slow, in the long run, the book kept me reading until the end. Two to Die For. Cohlter Preview See a Problem? There was a whoof of surprise from the woman, the sound of scuffling, than a low moan. Doesn’t matter, he’s here. Other than their physical descriptions, their personalities were culter of the most cardboard I’ve read in a long time.


Whiplash (FBI Thriller, #14) by Catherine Coulter

Richard Bowie the FBI lead has a girlfriend, there is no romantic plot only some hints about attraction but at the very end of xoulter book she’s meeting his mother? She dashed to the window and looked down to see a big silver Lexus — it was Caskie Royal’s car. The lock snicked open.

Apr 19, Kat rated it coupter liked it Shelves: She could go to jail for the rest of her youth, which would be a real shame since she hadn’t yet produced the fourth generation of lock pickers. If he caught her, she’d soon be wearing a neon yellow jump suit, PI license or not.

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Like any avid reader, I’m vatherine on the lookout for a new favorite author or series. Didn’t get that a romance was blooming, until the end, then was left pondering why this FBI guy went to a dollar store – to buy a toy engagement ring? It was well written this time.

I just wish that CC would go back to the way she wrote the beginnings of this series. Bouncing from one delicate case to another, Special Agent Dillon Savich and his wife Special Agent Lacey Sherlock foulter just finished witnessing some strange happenings at a senators residence when they were brought in to help Bowie, whether he wanted the extra help or not.

The Resident Evil at Blackthorn Manor. This one has lots of twists and turns you never see coming until the end! As it stands, I think the reader gets whiplash going between the two stories, but that’s a good thing, honest.


Nov 10, Holley rated it really liked it. Unfortunately, the drug company’s “fixer” is found dead and the FBI suspects that the thief may be the murderer. This story had some romance, mystery, thriller aspects, and a touch of mystical, and it was a page-turner.

When FBI Agent Bowie Richards contacted Erin about a problem he had with his daughter, he did not realize who she was except that she taught his daughter ballet. This was a very interesting read with a twisted plot you will have a hard time figuring out. First time I’ve read coulher author. Other books in the series. Royal had something of a sense of humor, since Herr Doctor Adler Dieffendorf’s photo in Schiffer Coulfer glossy annual report showed an older man with a lovely head of white hair, a patrician’s thin nose, and intelligent gray eyes.


Some Kind of Hero. Aug 15, Fredrick Danysh rated it liked it. She began reading what were obviously Caskie Royal’s notes on what Schiffer Hartwin was doing with the drug Culovort.

Unfortunately, this book followed that trend of disappointment for me. The first in this series had much more romantic content.

I am very disappointed because Savich and Sherlock used to deliver good dialog, action, humor, and suspense. Aug 12, Colleen M.