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One of the most loved and enduring wartime novels, Carrie’s War is a modern classic. Published for the first time as a Virago Modern Classic. Carrie’s War is a coming of age story with a twist. While visiting the small Welsh mining town where she was billeted during World War II, Carrie. It is a scene created from Carrie’s War, the book for which Nina Bawden, who died this week, will be most remembered. There are other.

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Comments like “she takes refuge in household tasks” and “here gender roles are reasserted” are rather irritating when you’re trying to read a nian as a child.

Carrie’s War – Wikipedia

It bawdenn better than my favourite book. The True Heart Details. I was surprised how clear my memories were of big chunks of the book, particularly the early parts, but often I was remembering the effect I read this in bits and chunks when I was at school when you go to school in Wales, it’s a book that’s carrrie difficult to escape but didn’t really have much of a coherent memory of it in my head.

The Rector’s Daughter Details. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Nina Bawden’s Carrie’s War speaks a truth about the ripple effects of conflict

The Transit Of Nima Details. The Mandelbaum Gate Details. Carrie’s War has had an incendiary impact on our imagination not because it is explosive in any military sense — the guns and bombs of the second world war are not much in evidence in Druid’s Bottom, the rambling house in south Wales where evacuees Carrie Willow and her brother Nick spend much of the story.

Despite Carrie anticipating life in Wales to be extremely boring and dull, she encounters many different characters and becomes involved in numerous adventures during her stay there. The Dry by Jane Harper. Man of la Book November 10, at 6: Marcella I and most of my friends read this when we were 9 or 10 after the tv series came out.


This Real Night Details. A great read for girls or boys. There was an error submitting review. Create An Account Why Join? A Suspension of Mercy Details. Strangers on a Train Details. Up The Junction Details. A Nice Change Details. Carrie and Nick visit him there whenever they can for Hepzibah makes life exciting and enticing with her stories and delicious cooking.

Henry’s new human family has also had to adapt to a different way of life. The book tells us of the adventures Carrie, Nick and another evacuee- Albert sandwich get up to in Druid’s bottom, the curse of the skull which is locked in the library and what will happen if it is removed from the house and what it was like for them growing up so far away from home with a war going on.

In secondary school we had to read it again and the teacher was so impressed about how much I knew about the novel. Carrie’s War is set during the World War, and contains little details that place it well in that time — the gas masks, the trains, the rationing — in a way that’s pretty matter-of-fact.

I enjoy reading this book in school, this book was very interesting. Languages Cymraeg Deutsch Edit links. You all see the friendship build between Carrie and her Carrie was a child who was evacuated in the war, and she has brought her children carrif to the town where she lived in that time.

Loading comments… Trouble loading? She experiences feelings of jealousy and hostility at her brother for his ability to get what he wants from people one minute and the next minute, she feels lovingly responsible and protective of him.

No More Than Cagrie Details. She has an overwhelming need to please the people around her, but also has feelings of anxiety about not being good enough.

Winter In The Morning Details. I remember reading it a czrrie years ago and not understanding it but now it is clear. The Age Of Farrie Details. It seems a very popular period for writers to use. Carrie and Nick enjoy being at Druids Bottom, being spoiled with Hepzibah’s stories and food, and they feel they can be more like themselves. Myself When Young Details. In Diamond Square Details. I read it dar school and instantly fell in love with it age Used – Good Sold by: It is revealed that Mr Evans has been estranged from his older sister, Mrs Gotobed, after she married a wealthy Englishman whose family owned the mines where their father was killed in an accident.


Five for Sorrow Ten for Joy Details. When they arrive to the countryside, they meet a woman who is nice to them, but she has a Brother called Mr Evans who is strict and looks to keep an eye on them. The plot in this story wasn’t necessarily relevant to “war” so to bawdeh. Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden.

That’s not necessarily a problem of the book, just evidence I’m not the target audience.

Carrie’s War

Blow Your House Down Details. It is often read in schools for both its literary and its historical interest. All Men Are Mortal Details. Carrie’s War is about the war, but it’s so much more than that. Evans may have taken it, and out of selfishness, denies it ever existed.

Broke Heart Blues Details.

The Rising Tide Details. The Land Of Spices Details. While visiting the small Welsh baaden town where she was billeted during World War II, Carrie Willow, a 42 year old widow with four children, tells them the story of her evacuation.