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A lot of people ware waiting for the new book of Borodin, “Final Curtain”, translated into English, especially after reading his book “Sheherazad”. In this book, for the first time, Borodin reveals parts of his performing FINAL CURTAIN is a chamber of mental treasures that will be difficult to put down, once . Beinhaltet die deutsche Version von Final Curtain und noch viel mehr. Borodin and I decided that we wanted to preserve the format of Sheherazade in the.

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I wonder how much knowledge is lost this way Punx called him his “master student. We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for! Some of the stories are rather long and it’s obvious their presentation requires borodi a bit of acting skill to hold the spectators attention untill the effects ‘kick in’.

In summary this book is seriously inspirational and highly sophisticated in the prop department. Congratulations to both of you for this exquisite work. Andre Hagen Inner circle Posts.

Magic Tricks

To clear up any misunderstandings about the material in the book, which Calexa has so ably reported upon, “Das Gesicht” The Face is performed with the lights fairly low.

A very readable English translation by Bill Boroin. I understand Fimal was not only a mentalist, but a magician, so I’m hoping there is mentalism in Once Upon a Time, even if not exclusively so. May 6, I don’t blame you for not letting go of them! The german version is a high-quality hardbound book of pages. On the other hand, the “Swan Lake” Schwanensee would require quite an accomplished do-it-yourselfer and a taxidermist to construct.


No matter whether your taste leans toward the bizarre or you prefer stories with a moral, there will be something in here that you can enjoy and which will undoubtedly lead to a bododin understanding of how story magic can and should be done. Apr 26, View our magic tricks index.

Final Curtain by Borodin on eBay – The Genii Forum

Here and There Posts. Would any owners like to post a review? You will find a great mix of effects and will learn much from reading them For those who are interested, please PM. View our Frequent Questions. Think outside the box, cos people are all thinking inside now!! This routine is pur poetry.

Final Curtain by Borodin

In the last chapter gives us five examples of mentalism with an esoteric twist. The second chapter boroodin my eyes good,the patterns provided are excellent, but if you want to perform the effects, you need some preparation.

Anyway welcome and good luck I’ve had the advantage of actually seeing some of these props — sometimes in the developmental stages, sometimes in actual performance. In this story the face of the magician changes into a skeleton face, right in front of the spectators. Did this review help you? Final Curtain is the logical sequel to Borodin’s Sheherazade. At the end you get a poetic bonus story.

Then Sheherazade is a mix of both Magic and Mentalism with the last or so pages dedicated to Vurtain alone. There are very few books which actually qualify as Desert island books for the bizzarist.


Some are very spooky, others humorous, still others, spiritually uplifting. Showing the Most Helpful Newest. Suit Cut to Orde. You might have more luck a few rooms up on the Bizarre forum.

Borodin has a style so unique and special as evidenced by these stories and happenings that it is truly inspiring to experience the magic even in book form. Find Out how to pay. The main thing that will make or break one of the presentations is your ability to take a story, tell it well, and make it interesting for the audience.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Subscriptions Top Bordoin 1.

So what is curtakn conclusion? The Story is presented and then the Magic Of The Story goes into the workings of the props and effects But it sets the mood for everything that follows. Final Curtain is one of them. Hey, if its by Borodin – its gonna be great!

Final Curtain by Borodin, Zauberkabinett – Shop Die andere Seite der Zauberkunst

The book should be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Another thing is, that for the ghost stories in the first chapter you need complicated finak — Borodin has made most of them to fit his special needs to make the magic happen.

Is this book available exsclusively through Hocus Pocus? Unfortunately, the copies have long been sold out. Here are some of them: