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Blackwater: A Novel [Kerstin Ekman, Joan Tate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On Midsummer’s Eve, , Annie Raft arrives with her. Blackwater is a novel by the Swedish writer Kerstin Ekman. It received the August Prize in and the Nordic Council Literature Prize in It also won . Now it’s time for a classic from an extremely notable author from Sweden: Kerstin Ekman, the Swedish crime novelist and the author of a string.

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Blackwater — Kerstin Ekman I really can’t decide if it was an amazing book or just okay, but I mark okay anyway.


The lingering light intruding on the nighttime sky lends an eerie unnatural vibe. As it takes place along the border of Sweden and Norway, the characters’ names and the place names are very foreign so sometimes difficult to remember from chapter to chapter.

Oddly enough, the three characters barely interact with each other. Sweetness — Torgny Lindgren The American Girl — Monika Fagerholm In an Arctic landscape whose grim determinism recalls Hardy, commune families grow, harden into deformity, or split up with chill fatalism, and readers impatient with Ekman’s brooding vignettes of calcifying loneliness are likely to feel like polar explorers trudging along under heavy loads in the worst weather, hoping to find, in the aftermath of Johan’s return, the key that will redeem their ordeal in a burst of wild insight.

Jul 12, Jim Blackaater rated it it was amazing Shelves: They felt so distant and inaccessible–I was unable to relate to them or have compassion for them. Under the North Star 3: Something deep seems to lay just below the surface of the words. The Legionnaires — Per Olov Enquist.

Kerstin Ekman (Author of Blackwater)

Kersantin poika — Veijo Meri Jan 23, Dana Portwood blafkwater it did not like it Shelves: When Dan fails to meet the bus Annie and Mia are forced to take a path that leads not only to the dead bodies but one that will also have unforeseen consequences, mirroring the way that decisions that we all make when we are young can shape our futures. The frenzy of isolation to which Ylja pushes Johan is mirrored by Annie’s own alienation back in Starhill, where the hatred of Swedes for Lapps and commune members for the bourgeois who surround them–not to mention the rivalries within the commune–finally reaches toxic proportions.


Or missing a page… When Dan fails to meet the bus, Annie and Mia set off on foot to walk the four kilometres to the commune. Even the task of rowing a boat takes on a darker significance: Paperbackpages. In the old keretin, people thought the cuckoo became a hawk when the summer was over.

Arriving at the Swedish commune Starhill to join her lover Dan Ulander, Annie Raft stumbles on two corpses lying in a tent and sees a boy running from the scene.

List of Nordic Council’s Literature Prize winners and nominees. Retrieved from ” https: A Density of Souls Christopher Rice. Samuels bok — Sven Delblanc The book A thriller that extends over 2 decades in Lapland.


Susan T’s 50 books in List: Not by any sound, but frightened from within, icily and inexorably warned by an instinct she had never before known existed within her.

Nye noveller — Johan Borgen This leads to a prolonged flashback of the crime itself and all the events surrounding it at the time. The iron mine has brought lots of young people to Lapland. The unsolved murders makes the small community of Blackwater infamous, bringing it a lot of outside interest but has negative affects on its residents. Refresh and try again. Books by Kerstin Ekman. Near a small village and while the rest of the inhabitants enjoy their festivities, on that evening of the summer solstice, a Dutch woman and an unidentified man are brutally murdered in their tent while camping alongside the Lobber river.


Popular Music from Vittula — Mikael Niemi Ekman could have told her tale in half the number of words she chose to use, but would it have had the same hypnotic effect? The story kept promising interest, but never delivered. Strangely the things I liked about the book were also the things that got me frustrated.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. The lake looked peculiar, oily in the stillness, as if the water were sticky.

BLACKWATER by Kerstin Ekman | Kirkus Reviews

I found myself skipping passages that were overly descriptive- I had a hard time reading this book though it was very good. Is there ever an unambiguous truth?

Not for the impatient or fainthearted: A very special style, and quite admirable, yet a difficult bo I really can’t decide if it was an amazing book or just okay, but I mark okay anyway. POV change, multiple POVs, tempus change, long descriptions with name after name of blzckwater or lots of adjectives.

Today, we find that the relationships between four of the people whose lives were most affected by the crime — including the woman who discovered the bodies, Annie Raft — have shifted.

Nevertheless, the narrators’ voice seeped into my mind and made my thoughts dark and windling, like the story was.