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Album: Bidrohi (Kazi Nozrul Islam Er Kobita); Artist: Kazi Sabyasachi. 4. Bidrohi. Album: Bidrohi Namo Namo Namo Bangla Desh Mamo. Album: Amar Sonar. music_noteChords for Bangla Kobita | Bidrohi | Kazi nazrul islam | Recitation by Azizul Islam | Serader sera. Diagram Slider. Chord Sheet. O:OO. view_carousel. Detailed information about the coin 10 Taka (“Bidrohi”), Bangladesh, with pictures and collection and swap management: mintage, descriptions, metal, weight.

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I am the one with untidy knotted hairlocks, I hold unchained streams of Ganges. I am tyrant ruler, for slaughter I am ever restless. I sit in inferno of hell and smile like an innocent bidrohl.

I suddenly generate terror in seven worlds, initiate earthquake and undulation. Sudden-kiss-hidden-shivers, I am the trembling- quivering frail first touch of a woman. I defy all rules, all laws and chains. Sometimes I am quiet and serene, I am in a frenzy at other times, I am the new youth of dawn, I crush under my feet the vain glory of the Almighty! You are banlga using your Facebook account.

This kobitq was posted on January 10, at 8: Share with music lovers…. I am the strains of a traveler poet, his cane flute’s wheeze. I am unquiet mind of a sad maid. I shall rest only on that day.

Chords for Bangla Kobita | Bidrohi | Kazi nazrul islam | Recitation by Azizul Islam | Serader sera

I am the eternal brave rebel. India meets Bagla presents … a radio show for Indian Music Cult. I am sound of surging waters, sways of rolling waves! I am the great fear, I am curse of the universe. I am disorderly and lawless, I trample under my feet all rules and discipline!


In strains of flute I endear. I am the conclusion, I am the darkest salvation. Email required Address never made public. I clasp the blazing wings of the Christian consul.

I am injustice, I am shooting star, I am evil luck.

I have no mercy, I grind all to pieces. Permissions beyond the scope of this CC license may be available here. I shall uproot this miserable earth effortlessly and with ease, And create a new universe of joy and peace. I am the Bedouin, I am the Chengis, I salute none but me!

If the world increasingly countenances this idea the question that the world is going to give the honour of world poet, Nazrul deserve that the honour, because Bidrlhi had been verse destitute social kobia in his write to be liberalized all of aspects all people in the world. Banyla am the son of Indrani With the moon in my head And the sun on my temple In one hand of mine is the tender flute While in the other I hold the war bugle!

Say hold your head high. I carry the jobita of revolt to the earth and the sky! I am the harsh unquenched mid-day thirst, I am the fierce blazing sun, I am the softly trilling desert spring, I am the cool shadowy greenery! Create a free website or blog at WordPress.


I am Bedouin, I am Chenghiz. It raises in eternal wonder among World’s destinies.

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I am the flute of the ancient Greek charmer. When the wails of the oppressed will not echo in skies and airs. Your cries hails piercing skies and universes. Wrestle with death, embrace enemies. Views Read Edit View history.

His Revolt and Love”. I am northern blizzard, fading fire, saddened eastern breeze. I am creation, I am destruction, I am habitation, I am the grave-yard, I am the end, the end of night!

I am the ornament of the burning Islamic angel, the mighty blast. I am God of gods, the eternal truth. I am the cruel axe of the fundamental man. I prance as I sway.

I am excited night melody. I am the mighty flood, Sometimes I make the earth rich and fertile, At another okbita I cause colossal damage. This is why; this is our aim to spread up to the activities of Nazrul philosophy.