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Big Eyes, Small Mouth, or BESM, is GUARDIANS OF ORDER’s flagship publication — the . your game into an adventure in the Sailor Moon RPG universe. Download BESM – Sailor Moon RPG & Resource Book. The Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book [-. 1 . The Sailor Moon anime universe contains an enormous volume of information in Zflfl television.

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There was a large section in the book about Japan and sections about the history of the magical girl genrein order to help the roleplayers engage more intimately with the country and culture in which Sailor Moon took place which also included a map of the real-life Azabu-Juuban. Retrieved from ” http: If one wished to create an original character, the stats for body, mind, and soul were simply allocated by a point system ranging from 1 weakest to 10 strongest.

Aerie City Supplement 3: That store is now long gone, and the mall where it was has since remodeled and generally become very trendy. A simple vehicle construction system? It was one of the few instances where I feel a small RPG sailkr was actually really, really successful at reaching outside of the existing hobby.

I distinctly remember one poster proudly recounting how his ebsm daughter and her friends were happily playing the Sailor Moon RPG without any help. Well, this is not just a game — a large portion of the book is dedicated to being a general resource guide for fans of the Sailor Moon television show. And that about does it as far as customization goes.

Fourth, I think that the Sailor Moon universe has tremendous flexibility and potential. As I clean out my house preparing to move, I keep running into stuff from my past that many people seem to have forgotten about, that is slipping into obscurity.


These tended to have less depth, and the selection of titles was weird and a little random.

In case you missed it: You are commenting using your WordPress. For example, according to the index, Sailor Moon is only mentioned once in the entire book the reference is to her character sheet write-up. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Status updates Twitter tumblr SMF talk thread. That said, Pulver was definitely a superior game designer to MacKinnon. Second, it acts as a wonderful if previously unmentioned showcase for Sailor Moon art.

There is actually one exception to this: The system was very simple, and basically consisted of the book itself which was used by the GM as a guidea paper, a pencil, and two six-sided dice.

You can probably guess how I feel about the idea of a Tri-Stat Evangelion game. A resource almost any GM of Sailor Moon should make every effort to get their hands on.

BESM – Sailor Moon RPG & Resource Book

A digression is called for. For example, a character with a level 3 Physically Attractive attribute might be very good looking and attract zailor to them, and this could increase their body stats.

Using the rules of the Sailor Moon roleplaying game and the stats as they are provided, you can recreate the events of the television salor exactly as they appeared on the screen. Sure, you can run Sailor Moon without owning this book.

The Alexandrian » sailor moon

It was written and designed by Mark C. In Method A the GM gives everyone the exact same number of stat points. Recent reports seem to be bearing the theory out. One consequence of this was that if two characters with high stats go head to head in combat, they tended to clash over and over without actually doing damage. On the other hand, since there are attributes which modify the basic stats, you can get the same result through indirect means.


Their English and Japanese names, the name of the episode s they appeared beesm English, Japanese, and translated Japanesetheir type defined in the introductory materialtheir master who sent themwho defeated them in the show, and their final fate on the show.

Also, a couple of card games and Sailor Moon Button Men.

Starting at the top of character creation: My first encounter with GoO was in the late 90s when I stumbled across the original gray Big Eyes Small Mouth book at a local game store. It is the first such resource book published for Sailor Moon in the States, and it is a wonderful resource. I approached each of these books with a certain degree of doubt: The resulting charts can be used to actually randomly generate a yoma — or you can use the charts as a quick reference for designing your own basic yoma packages.

For a while any time you mentioned anything even remotely anime-style people would jump to suggest it.

To attack successfully, the attacker must have rolled a eailor number than their opponent, taking into account attributes and defects. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: