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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. This question comes from reading Bhai Kulbir Singh Ji’s riddle about 22 Vaars. Bhai Sahib Ji. bsMq kI vwr mhlu 5 () basant kee vaar mahal 5. Basant Kee Vaar, Fifth Mehl: siqgur pRswid ] () ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad. One Universal. I read this: #. U11lSbK9KSM. It says that 11 recitations of basant ki vaar = a person.

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Basant ki Vaar alone is the main practice and brings a person mind into focus on the Shabad of Basant ki Vaar. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

Springtime is the period of newness when vegetation stirs to life and nature comes to bloom in all its beauty bssant splendour. Yes its different shabad it probably taken from different gurbani shabad sidhi patt oi but point being this is not new – shabad sidhi patt is faith building compilation, always been done for health, socio-religious, socio-economic, monetary chapter 8 sharda poran granth- dhan di prapti hove with shabad reference from gurbani and spiritual prosperity.

If yoga concentrates the mind, if yoga helps you in your naam simran then good for you I say. He did not want the Sikhs to know what he really was teaching them. If you want me to send you the true story of how Yogi Bhajan became a devil send me an pm. Upload or insert images from URL. My theory on Mahaparloh. Who are these murakhs taking about the devil?


Important Information Terms of Use. Gurbani is Agam Agaadh Bodh. Basant Ki Vaar – Millionaire Mantra? The ko reason behind this too, only Guru Sahib jee knows but we can only conjecture that Guru Sahib jee did not find any Salok that would match up with the Pauris of Siri Basant kee Vaar.

The Vaar has only 3 Pauris and one who does keen Paath of this Vaar gets this feeling that there must have been a mystical reason that Siri Guru jee did not expand further on this Vaar and ended it after 3rd Pauri. Vasr Topic Older Topic. They alone overcome the five vices, which are the companions of manmukhs, the selfwilled. The op post a link where caar takes you to a Kundalini site that says Kundalini yoga is the main practice and the Gurus Bani is there as a helper.

But here we have a Sikh who is teaching yoga and he is the devil.

Basant Ki Vaar –

Like Malhar the raga of the rainy season the The Basant Ki Var is an ancient seasonal raga – the raga of springtime. Paste as plain text instead. No, the only sakhi is some greedy yoga masand twisting and concocting these lies. The repeated Paath of this Vaar with concentration and love gets the mind li which in turn enhances the experience of Naam Abhyaas.

These mantras are done to bring a person to a state where he can focus on the main practice of Kundalini yoga; the faar yogi bhajans made up practices. Posted April 29, Such men succumb not to grief, nor are they beguiled by pleasures. When maharaj does kirpa he can bless with money raaj bhaag and many things.


Basant Ki Vaar

Everything is in hakum, Gurbani knows best how to draw people in when where and how when once one started do its jaap with receptivity full faith without egoic self coming in vaqr way everything happenstraditionally in gurbani we have bhagat dhru who did bhagti for raaj initially and then got saved later on when jaap drawed him in fully and also baba farid sakhi doing jaap of vahiguroo for candy when he was kid.

Posted March 3, edited. If you have an account, please sign in. Hi there I read this: Edited March gaar, by Bundha. Please remove that above post. Posted April 28, I agree its bit of slippery slope but why worry? The devil was adding his true devil teachers practices of hatha yoga and other manmat practices with Gurbani as ONLY a mantra. Transmigration thus annulled, the self merges in the Creator.

Basant Ki Vaar Question

A nice, positive way of looking at it. Who knows what mystical occurrence had occurred when Guru Sahib jee ended it like this. Posted March 7,