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Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library is their handbook to inspired living, calling on us to restore and return value to the human being, and to recognize the . by Barbara Marciniak . The cover was conceived of in due time by Peter Everly, while simultaneously the title was received by us – Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the. Barbara Marciniak – Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library L’AURA PLEIADIAN – Shaken to the Core – The Magnetic Shifts and Your.

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If I could have envisioned the future back then, I know I would have been too chicken to go forward with it. There are dimensional locks that keep various life forms separated and segregated.

Barbara Marciniak – Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library

It is rumored that through ingesting this fruit of the Tree of Life you can gain immortality. Accept it and say. It is time for you to make a commitment to create joy, creativity, and love for yourself. It is brought about by violence, by destroying life, by maiming and killing, with emotions or feelings stifled and suppressed.

Their unrelenting love is a marvel to me, and in ,turn serves to give me the daring and courage to persist and persevere. The ability to do these things will be had by those who are willing to believe.


Only later would we marvel at our own miracles. You are purposely taught that you are insignificant and valueless so that other forms of intelligence will eqrth come and tap into you. In ancient times it was understood that this fruit was the blood of the Goddess.

Barbara Marciniak – Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library – Higher Density Blog

AIDS is now being spread electromagnetically, in the same way that many disturbances can be spread electromagnetically. This force also helps maintain your stability and groundedness with the increased electromagnetic shifts. To ask other readers questions about Earthplease sign up. To a large degree, there has been a plan to influence you to feel shame about sexuality and your body; this has kept you from discovering your power, purpose, bliss, and freedom.

You have heard stories that you are made up of dust and clay. The forces that work with you have a capacity to influence and affect your reality that is beyond your comprehension, even though you are not aware of the existence of these forces. Adrienne rated it it was amazing Jun 15, I pictured Jane with her stacks of unanswered mail and felt her total frustration at never being caught up.

As we mwrciniak with you, the energy that we bring to you marciniqk those tiny clips of film.

You get plugged in, and suddenly something happens, so you must incorporate what happens. They sit around rocking in their chairs, smoking cigarettes, wondering when a car is going to come through the living room. Often feels fear-mongering but interesting. You will never be the same once your hypothalamus secretions start. You will literally see changes in your body.


You are a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual being, connected by a body of light that radiates energy and links you to an infinite progression of light beings.

This purpose activates a reordering on many layers of existence – all sharing the same now. These shapes will exist all over the body and will not be localized simply in the brain. We are in your future and, in order to discover what is going on, we went further into our future to meet our teachers, the Keepers of Existence, who can also be called the Keepers of Time. Through your light body, timelines open, accessing multilayered dramas, and your challenges gather force as you face a seemingly uncharted, yet familiar territory.

It is fine for what is called a trip. Be patient and you can go anywhere you choose.

You are like a newborn babe, going into another realm. New chemicals will be produced inside your body that will help you change.

The Barbar of Knowledge allows you to be informed. Think new concepts of self, and of the importance of continuously intending, using your mind to bring about the experience of life.