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The Balanced Embouchure, by Jeff Smiley: a dynamic development system that’s easy to learn and works for every trumpet player. Order online!. The Balanced Embouchure Website – The Balanced Embouchure (BE) is a set of embouchure development exercises and practice. Over the summer an interview was posted with hornist Andrew Joy on . Joy mentioned The Balanced Embouchure as a factor in his.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. So many teachers are “etude checkers”, who focus primarily on rhythms, technique, tuning, and melodic concepts. Angelo, mi Espanol es muy mal. Perhaps this player is doing it wrong. This sentence, more than anything you have written before, along with your assertion to being a scientist yourself concerns me.

The real answer is, they are all complementary to one another. As a result, he later shied away from attempting to teach any specifics regarding lip position.

Facebook Twitter Reddit Tumblr Print. Mouth corners that are not locked in place i. In short, the answer is no, I do not use any exercises from The Balanced Embouchurealthough I am seeing this book mentioned in more and more places.

My original plan was to move to Embouuchure. That role is gradually being taken over by the internet discussion forum, after which the book will be released more widely. He played a slow movement from a Mozart concerto on an Alex.

Briefly, Smiley feels that positioning the tongue at times so that it touches the lips can provide valuable feedback and help position the embouchure appropriately. I find it one of the most fascinating aspects of the book the concept of balance and extreme lip position exercises and so do many people successfully using it.

Since the moment you said that, you claimed that this science is applicable to everyone and thus everyone can use it and succeed.


I also want to publish a BE teachers manual, and several shorter books covering different aspects of playing. Part of that probably just comes from the way my own embouchure works — I have pretty full upper and lower lips, and when traversing the full range of the horn any physical movement is pretty noticeable.

Tongue On Lips (The Balanced Embouchure Way)

A more accurate description is that when a player ascends the lips are drawn in closer to the teeth and less surface area of the lips vibrate. Ebmouchure email address will not be published. The lead author, Matthias Bertsch, is a name you will become familiar with should you visit the UoT library and do some of your own review of the literature. It’s funny how things turn out.

This is just my view after 14 months of practicing. This generally occurs spontaneously, with maybe a few days of instability, after which you gain huge improvement in all aspects of playing.

A huge side benefit of doing lip movements outside the norm, is that players can maintain their current embouchures while adding the increased range of motion. Understand, this balancwd from someone who practices regularly 2 hrs. In closing, I think there is plenty of room in our field for myriad approaches, for Farkas and Smiley, if you will.

Joy on the Balanced Embouchure

Over the summer an interview was posted with hornist Andrew Joy on high-c. I will not be quoting the book directly and this is not intended to be a guide for those wishing to pursue the technique. Naturally, I wanted to share this knowledge with other teachers. Could you point me to some research on embouchure that is used in academia? In life, you take actions which always have an effect on your environment and those around you.

Notice embouchuer how balanecd player always stops to take a breath at the same point in the range between E and G on the top of the staff and in doing so is allowing himself to reset his embouchure. His descriptions of brass embouchure mechanics are not very accurate and leave much out that I consider important. For example, there would be no way to grasp the quality that we call “light” if darkness wasn’t around to give us a point of reference.


My chops still weren’t great, but at least I could perform.

But then again, without actually doing the exercises these explanations are emboufhure that. All these are just exercises for strengthening muscle groups and coordination. Balaced advantages have you gained? Some of the ballanced concepts will always be a bit controversial but there is a big picture he gets at, one element being that to play high and to play low you have to get out of your mid-range setting and another being you have to think outside the Farkas box at times.

She found several misleading or false statements just skimming through a couple of pages. The goal of every embouchure development process is the same, which is to positively affect the coordination of the lips and tongue and airfully integrating them into a system that operates unconsciously, at the highest level of efficiency.

The Balanced Embouchure: A Review – Wilktone

The end result is a continuously flexing embouchure, which allows embouchyre to play from the double pedal register on up G above high C and beyond. The minimum is about sessions per week, minutes each. Email required Address never made public. It is notable not only for what he says, but also important information he leaves out.