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SAO Timeline. Birth of Asuna Yuuki and Rika Shinozaki (, IRL – From the author). Birth of Kazuto Kirigaya (, IRL). Sword Art Online: Progressive (ソードアート・オンライン プログレッシブ) is a spin-off series of Sword Art Online written by Reki Kawahara and. Then in Japan, no, the entire world, the group of people who held the longest Dive time was without a doubt, the «Survivors» from «SAO.

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For ex, this one: I would not pay you a visit when I headed down south visiting my relatives.

Sword Art Online:Progressive

It’s a certain writing style by itself But it wouldn’t work out without the house here, so Ah, that was me, my bad. Am I going bonkers or somehow I can’t seem to find sxo 4 for volume I think this talk page should be more for translation related purposes.

I countered, driving her attack back, and Asuna turned towards the knocked back witch before switching in with a leap. At the very least, not this month.

However, was there really a church in the “disorderly” [Chaos] Algade’s streets? Of course, anyone can use it, but there were some with a certain degree of adaptability.


She would get angry if I baja her that I was searching for a ghost at first. It happened just as I was about to start laughing again after replying so—an odd expression appeared on Argo’s and Asuna’s faces at the same time. It is not out yet. Just as I was in the midst of wondering that—Scarecrow gave a sudden shout. That is that, and tsui is this.

I quickly emptied the plate and asked for a refill, trying to settle the bqka. Probably not, I suppose if I did want to know right away I would have just watched the raw to see if her name came up anywhere, so don’t say anything, and when are the subs coming?

However, they did not get them in the end.

So I wasn’t exactly hoping for an answer, but. The Silver Crow avatar rushed in at full speed, and threw a preemptive right middle kick aimed towards the flank of the swordsman dressed in black. We called upon the Knights of the Blood headquarters in Grandum, on the fifty-fifth floor yesterday and have already settled the request for both of us to temporarily withdraw.

From the article on ANN, it seems like it is just the main numbered series. In vol 2 “Moring Dew Girl”, “coniferous” is refer to a species or a phylum.

I have no idea how to do it.

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And creating this particular standard jeopardizes other projects in the future because declaring what content is appropriate is a very slippery slope. You don’t happen to practice the Continual Sword, do you?

Sword Art Online ~Brazilian Portuguese~ – Baka-Tsuki

You have R visual novel projects, Type-Moon’s numerous titles, etc. There’s going to be plenty of untouched treasure chestS! Haruyuki clenched his teeth, and continued straight in.

Sorry for creating yet another heading. And in that moment, Asuna completely saw through her with a tsu,i on which caused the three whiskers on the information broker’s cheeks to narrow. In addition, the sword had the advantage in reach. And that’s why for the two days after that, I was stuck inside this flying house, waiting hsuki someone to reset this quesT. It is not any of you guys’ responsibility to be the parent for children lurking the internet, anyway. I did not know both those things.

Rather, it blended in with the nature surrounding it, giving off a sense of beauty, as if it was a home owned by one of the Elven race.