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Normally undergraduate student projects will involve Aspen Plus or Aspen Properties. To start either of these packages, be sure to look for the corresponding. in 24 Hours. Integrating Aspen Plus into the Chemical Engineering Classroom . Not Recommended: Using lecture time to prepare students for the tutorial. This manual is intended as a guide to using AspenTech’s software. Beginning with Aspen Plus , there is also an XML Results file available from Aspen.

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RadFrac is the most common method we use to model our columns, so click on the arrow next lpus RadFrac and select your favorite picture of a distillation column. Follow the same steps, starting with the largest streams heading into the pinch these should be cold streams nowand move outward.

Aspen Technology

The detailed descriptions are on page of the Icarus manual. It is probably best to just assume that Aspen has the interaction parameters, unless you are dealing with a very complex system or one that has little research associated with it. Click Next when you are done. If you already have an anti-virus program, such as Symantec Anti-Virus, this should be quite sufficient for protective means. Tulsa OK, Recommended Websites: Product Product storage is a tutorjal of testing policy and shipment size.

Aspen Plus information

It should look something like the image to the right. Our diagram is shown to the right. Use that fire inside to make a better distillation column, with side streams, a recycle, a fully optimized pre-feed heat exchanger, and a partridge in a pear tree. You can either Propane scroll down the list in Aspen or select and copy the desired 20 columns and view them in Excel.


I have only shown the effects on Methane, Ethane and Propane, since we are attempting to retain most of our propane, while getting rid of most of our lighter hydrocarbons. I had written several sets of instructions for solving various problems with Aspen and Icarus and, over the years, we had assembled lots of specific but unorganized answers to questions. Here is a brief explanation of how to do that.

One last point that we can never stress enough is to make sure that, if you share a folder at home, you constantly protect your computer from viruses and worms. Fixing an Aspen Simulation to Work in Icarus: Now you will need to send your project to Tutoriql and map your equipment. Make sure the units you are using are correct.

However, the list is not complete. This means that all plu can read, write, and even delete files. This gave us a reflux ratio of 2. I am making this number up for this example.

If you were dealing with a whole system, there would obviously be more components but these are the only ones pertinent to our little example.

Aspen Process Manual

This should be very similar to the manner in which you set up the absorber, except that you now have to include a Reboiler when you get to the Setup page. In many cases you will not be able to model your reactor at all, but aaspen still needs to be represented in Aspen.


On XP professional, the maximum limit is RD is then approximately 3. We cannot stress this point enough. If you can hook up to the municipal sanitary sewer, so much the better, if not then you need a separate sanitary waste treating plant. Click on the users who should have access to this share. It’s quite a lot of information to take in, but once you have read through and perhaps tried running this example yourself, you can officially call yourself an Aspen Guru.

Modeling Coal Combustion

This is done by clicking the button that looks like. Now we need to actually make the graphs.

Good luck as you become more proficient with the simulations and remember that these are difficult and complicated programs to use. Holding the mouse over the colored arrows, blue or red, will tell you the purpose of that stream feed, tops, bottoms, etc For your reference, our flowsheet is shown in the diagram above. You can either drag the entire area to your project in the left-hand window, or expand the area and drag certain components. To input and edit your choice, click on the Properties folder.

With each type of Aspen graph, you will be presented more editing options when you right-click on the diagram.