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An Endless Summer (Summer, book 2) by C J Duggan – book cover, description, publication history. An Endless Summer. By C.J. Duggan. Copyright © by C.J An Endless Summer. A Summer Series Novel, Book Two. Published by C.J Duggan. Australia. Read An Endless Summer (The Summer Series) (Volume 2) by C.J Duggan by C.J Duggan by C.J Duggan for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the.

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The Boys of Summer Book 2. All fond childhood memories of loitering on the hotel stairs and eavesdropping on customers’ colourful conversations are in the distant past.

I know I am a full on psycho, but I was hooked and I would recommend this book to you if you: Or, get it for Kobo Super Points!

Review – An Endless Summer (Book #2 Summer Series) by C.J. Duggan | Book Gossips

View all 4 comments. Though she is still a bit spoiled and kind of rough around the edges, I really enjoyed her edge and entitled attitude. And I kind of stayed up until two in the morning and read it, and then emailed CJ as soon as I was done. That and the fact that we then have access into the boys individually, we get to see what makes them tick, what turns them on and what sends them running for the hills.

I loved Toby and Tess, but Sean is so much more my kind of guy, so I was ecstatic that he was going to be the love interest to none other than Amy, the publican’s daughter. I was made for broody and intense but hell no will I accept broody and intense, especially after view spoiler [I’ve done the deed He’s more a pain in her backside than anything, and through their interactions as dgugan gets to know summsr more personally, her feelings also develop.

The chemistry between them is wonderful.

She knows how much the hotel means to the Henderson family and decides to work hard to get it back in shape without her dad knowing anything about the same. There was a lot of flirting and games and it is hard to tell when they became aware of their feelings, but they took it slow.


They are so hilarious. Sean plays it duggaan while Amy mentally runs around like a chicken wondering how Sean feels about her. I adored Sean in The Boys of Summer; he had that laid back care free attitude about him and that golden smile which could reassure you that everything would be okay.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Duggan has created some great male characters with the Onslow boys and I cant wait to see who is featured in the next story I refuse to look ahead The Summer series is beautifully brilliant and realistic. If you haven’t read this series, then you are seriously missing out! Sean once saved Amy and now it appears he has come back to do it again, but diggan not Amy’s life she’s worried about—it’s her heart.

What Sean does in the end.

An Endless Summer by C. She was full of fire and humour, sarcasm and wit oozed from her pores. I’ve always loved secondary characters and their potential and when these secondary characters get a book of their own, it just makes me immensely happy and I think that’s why I read even the dorkiest of books. Jul 13, Christa rated it it was amazing. An Endless Summer was a book I was immensely looking forward to after Sn literally devoured Boys of Summer at the end of last year.

REVIEW and GIVEAWAY: An Endless Summer by C.J. Duggan | New Adult Addiction

In the same vein as The Boys of Summer, Duggan takes us back to Onslow where all the summer love of the hottie Onslow Boys takes place.

So dugtan onto the main characters! Even though she felt grown-up in the beginning of the book, she really needed the responsibility and freedom of this one last summer to finally grow into her adult self.

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Amy was fifteen in the first book and now she has returned to the Onslow at nineteen for the summer. She wants to fix it and get it back to the way it was.

{Review} An Endless Summer by CJ Duggan

There were quite a few fun scenes with a bunch of the characters I liked. I am in a mood of depression and am currently sitting here with a block of chocolate and cookies. The thing that I loved summrr this novel, as well as the Boys of Summer, was the local color.

And An endless summer was satisfyingly good enough to make rndless happy. The relationship between Sean and Amy is a red-hot roller-coaster.

I’ve had crushes on older guys. That is what I love most about the book. In the three years since he rescued Amy, Sean has become a successful tradesman building a multi million dollar school so he’s also just arrived back in Onslow. As an MC, I admit that Amy worked hard to get things back on track and she was a good enough girl cuggan well.

The Onslow represented her childhood and a sense of generational family owned business. But let me tell you this, my worries were for nothing! I loved the relationships between dj and every character, I loved her writing style and edless much humour was laced in the novel, I loved the sarcasm and wit and most of all I loved Amy and Sean.

Once again, CJ has given me a book that I’ve not been able to put down and never want to end. We always knew that Sean was cocky, flirty and charming when he wanted to be, but in An Endless Summer we also see a different side of him.

But of course, for me, the big part was having Sean around.