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ALMOST HOME LYRICS by MICHALE GRAVES & DAMIEN ECHOLS: Please, please believe / Can’t you see / T. Buy a cheap copy of Almost Home: My Life Story Vol 1 book by Damien Echols. Almost Home is a message to you from a faraway place. It is a message from a. Damien Echols is one of three West Memphis teenagers tried and wrongfully convicted in the murder of three children. This book tells about.

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I wanted to read this book before I read Damien Echols 2nd autobiography “Life after Death”, which I intend on reading very soon. I looked forward to reading next book, which I am told is very well written, intelligent, and powerful. No trivia or quizzes yet. I’m so thankful this homd man wasn’t put to death before he could taste freedom once more.

Although the writing leaves some to be desired, this book isnt as badly writt I have always been fascinated with this case and found this book to be a great addition to anyone looking to hear from Damien Echols in the first person. Hearing the case from soundbites on NPR and the nightly news was one thing, but hearing what it was like straight from the horses mouth will haunt your dreams.

Oct 31, Jacqueline Cady rated it it was amazing. It is an urgent message from death row; the whole story of who Damien Echols really is. May 19, Candice rated it it was amazing.

Almost Home: My Life Story by Damien Echols

Two were given life imprisonment and the supposed ring leader, Damien Echols was sent to death row. I highly encourage everyone to watch the HBO documentary on the trials as well.


His childhood story is quite compelling. I was constantly snickering at his snarky and sarcastic insults and thoughts; feeling more angry than I already was with the state of Arkansas and wondering how the hell they got away with continual violations of laws and constitutional rights; experiencing feelings of bewilderment and insurmountable wchols for how he’s handled this unfortunate situation after all echolz time; and, of course, swooning as he talked about his wife at the end.

It saddens me, angers me and makes me wonder if there’s any reason to believe in the words written in the U.

You come to know Damien very personally, and as far as much autobiography goes, is devoid of ego. Read this book and know the truth about him.

It was written in after spending ten years on death row. Anyone know if there ever will be?


Mar 20, Steve rated it it was amazing. His writings are very articulant and outspoken. It is rare to read a text like this, and I suspect it has something to do with his perspective on the world after devoting himself to studies such as Buddhism, Zen, and many other philosophies. May 01, Elizabeth rated it liked it Shelves: Echosl 4 library table 1 Location From: I have long known the story of the West Memphis Three.

Books by Damien Echols. It is horrible when any innocent person is convicted; it is even more so when the innocent is about to be executed by the state — the same state that provided him with ineffective and inexperienced counsel, and put him in the hands of a corrupt judge. Marine Life Paperback Illustrated Books.


Almost Home Lyrics

This book is a simple, passionate, peaceful autobiography by Damien Echols, writing about his version of events. Aug 04, Candi Berry rated it it was amazing.

Satisfaction is guaranteed with every order. The trial is glossed over, as damine much of his ten years so far on death row.

[BOOK REVIEW] Almost Home, by Damien Echols

The USA 67 Setting: Just because he wore all black, had long black hair, and had a love akmost heavy metal music, he was singled out by his hometown people. I mean, I feel terrible about what he went through and all, but I never connected to him the way I connected to Jason, and I never felt for him the way I felt for Jessie.

He was on death row under 23 hours per day lockdown at the Varner Supermax. This autobiography is appropriately titled Volume One. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. For anyone who has not been touched by the story of the West Memphis Three or WM3, I highly suggest you learn echolx it. The kids I ran with were the long haired,black t shirt wearing,heavy metal listening”different” kids who expressed themselves in their appearance