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All Over But the Shoutin’ has ratings and reviews. Cheri said: Rick Bragg draws the poor rural Southern upbringing so truthfully from his o. A common condition of being poor white trash, explains New York Times correspondent Bragg on learning he won a Pulitzer Prize last year, is that you are . Read free book excerpt from All Over But The Shoutin’ by Rick Bragg, page 1 of 7 .

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He was just too good a writer and story teller.

In a smaller way it is my story, the boy who climbed up her backbone and made it out of that ring of poverty and ignorance, free and clean. But the ovef doesn’t come across as a saint. He is way too busy being a good ole boy most of the time, spinning the tales. The story is told with unflinching honesty. What do you notice about his style, imagery, humor, and approach to news stories that is distinctive? That night, for no reason at all beyond the fact that he was drunk, he went mean again.

While all of the authors mentioned above capture the South in a way that feels real, none of them have made me feel so truthfully how alien the rural, poor Southern upbringing is from my own middle class East Coast background. I feature, briefly, an alcoholic brother who seems to have absorbed the demons that killed my father in It was a dream sandwiched by pain.

I went just six months to Jacksonville State University, in Alabama, in the s. He admits his ongoing struggle to forgive his father who tbe and died a broken man, leaving a damaged family behind. After years of abusing his wife and children, Charles Bragg abandoned the family when Rick was six.

All Over but the Shoutin’ Summary & Study Guide

There were nights at the table when he sat with a baby on his lap and spoon-fed him, and laughed when one of us daubed food in his face. Dec hte, Lorna rated it it was amazing Shelves: There was a problem adding your email address. Bragg tells about the South with such power and bone-naked love…he will make you cry. Does he risk turning her into a passive heroine who depends upon his help?

Maybe they would have done better.


His labors lead eventually to a job at the St. But that man was as dead as a man could be, and this was what remained, like when a snake sheds its skin and leaves a dry and brittle husk of itself hanging in the Johnson grass. Rick Bragg, Pulitzer Prize Winner for news editorials, touches you to the bone and breaks ubt heart ever so silenty with his memoirs of growing up in poverty, alcoholism and abuse on account of the father, but love as you’ve never read on account of the mother.

He was a raging alcoholic with a deep mean streak who beat his wife, Margaret Ovr Bragg, in front of their children; Bragg remembers being three years old and attacking his father with his brother Sam, then age six, to stop him from hurting her. All Ove But the Shoutin’ – Nevisande: We are experiencing technical difficulties.

I give the author a lot of credit for being honest about himself and his weaknesses the chip on his shoulder about growing up poor and not having access Published inI believe, this memoir describes the author’s childhood growing up very poor in rural Alabama and his path towards becoming a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist at the New York Times.

He tugged me there, the last time I saw him alive, when I was just There is nothing wrong with ambition, I very much liked the beginning of this memoir, Bragg’s story rcik his impoverished childhood in Alabama. He tells stories about being in terrifying situations that are somehow told as adventuresome events. Wish you could get to know the author and his family.

It is also about the author’s career as a journalist, and his lifestyle, and his personality. His mother strikes me as a lazy, nasty woman who did not discipline her rotten boys or teach them manners. View all 4 comments. It was not a happy life, but he’s not complaining. It is the story of a violent, war-haunted, alcoholic father and a strong-willed, loving mother who struggled to protect her three sons from the effects of poverty and ignorance that had tainted tje own life.

My urge with this one was the opposite — I initially wanted to say I just “liked it. I spend at least a quarter of the year in New Orleans, for The Times. I know I had a third brother, an infant who died because we were left alone and with no money for her to see a doctor, that he did not live long enough to have a name.


I don’t think it was truly factors of class that led her to that decision. This is not just the story of his childhood, but his journey as a newspaper reporter with 6 months of college who learned his craft on the fly.

All Over But the Shoutin’ by Rick Bragg

He tells story after story while smiling at danger with a completely straight face. Journalist Rick Bragg takes us from his difficult childhood in Alabama It is a common condition of being poor white trash: Read more from the Study Guide. Stay in Touch Sign up.

I very much liked the beginning of this memoir, Bragg’s story of his impoverished childhood in Alabama. Dec 18, Ange H rated it it was ok Shelves: A highlight of this memoir was following his career in journalism, and his love of the power of words, as well as his extraordinary ability to capture t All Over but the Shoutin’ is a beautiful memoir by Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Rick Bragg as a loving tribute to his mother, and a searing examination of his hard-scrabble upbringing in Alabama.

What has he learned in the process of writing this memoir? And his story is a compelling one, I wish I could give this book a higher rating.

I still get weepy just thinking about how his momma came to New York, or when shoutjn stood up to his daddy after pouring out his moonshine and said, “just don’t hurt my teeth. As much as I love Southern literature, I hated this one. Jul 21, Mary rated it it was amazing.

But the best thing that happened to me in was the contract for this book, which allowed me to keep a promise I had made to my mother—a woman who picked cotton, scrubbed floors and took in washing teh ironing—who went 18 years without a new dress so I could have school clothes. Feb 15, Kirk Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: You only have to read about the difference in how it affected him vs. Although Bragg sees his background as a handicap in his profession, the unmistakably Southern way he uses the Ahoutin language can be part of the appeal of his writing.