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Just align your optic on the black dot and bore sight on the gray dot. UPDATE 2: It may go without saying but this target can also be used to. Since the offset on a 10M Boresight Target is a mathematical calculation with symbols placed on predetermined grid coordinates on a sheet of. This 10 Meter Boresight target is designed for the M16A4/M4MWS rifle with a top rail EoTech Holographic Sight. Target includes diagrams for Laser Bore.

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This can be either a visual signal or a sound signal. Regardless of the qualification, the standard day record fire for the iron sights will be used. This allows the soldier to focus on the targets at range. Turn the borelight laser back on. If the stoppage occurs with a hot weapon or more rounds in less than 2 minutes, or as noted previously for training —. The Javelin is the first fire-and-forget, crew-served antitank missile Figure targget After the target has been engaged, the laser is deactivated.

If you want to save even more time on the range, consider using this target for bore sighting at home. A stoppage is a failure of an automatic or semiautomatic firearm to complete the cycle of operation. A practice qualification must always precede an actual qualification. When using the M68, the weapon must not be canted during aiming 01m firing.

Advanced rifle marksmanship added other marksmanship situations that a combat soldier may encounter. If the weapon is boresighted using field-expedient methods sandbags, rucksacks and the weapon is laid on the side for stability, ensure that the boresight target is also oriented in the tzrget manner.

What is a Bore Sight Offset? |

Time and effort must be applied to ensure a precise boresight, which will in turn save time and ammunition. Combat marksmanship is essential to all Soldiers-not only to acquire the expert skills necessary for survival on the battlefield, but, because it enforces teamwork and discipline. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


However, everyone in the unit must know and understand the SOP for it to work. From this point, make 4×4 squared box around the point of impact.

The backup iron sight BIS is a semi-permanent flip up sight equipped with a rail-grabbing base. Refer to TM31 Oct 00 for target preparation. The improved M72 light antiarmor weapon systems offer significantly enhanced capability beyond that of the combat-proven M72A3.

Controlled Pair—Fire two rounds rapid succession. The chain of command inspects all chambers visually, using red filtered light if at night, and verifies that each weapon and magazine is clear of ammunition. No centering or focusing is required. Range selection is dependent on the anticipated engagement range.

If borwsight with equipment, all weapons are placed on SAFE and arranged off the ground with the open chamber visible, if applicable. The more accurately you boresight the M68 to your weapon, the closer it will be to a battlesight zero.

The procedures for practice qualification are:. The M4 zero target is only used when zeroing the iron sights on the M4. It can defeat fortified positions bunkers made of earth and timber; urban structures; and lightly armored vehicles.

What is a Bore Sight Offset?

Tom, with a yard zero, POI will be about 2. If a borelight is not available, a meter zero must be done to zero the device.

Both the AT4 CS-HP and CS-RS consist of shock resistant, fiberglass-reinforced launching tubes fitted with firing mechanisms, popup sights, carrying slings, protective covers, and bumpers.


Mechanical zero is the process of alignment of the weapons sighting systems to a common start point.

20 Pack – M16A4/M4MWS with EoTech Holo Sight – 10m Boresight Target

Voice communications may come directly from your leader to you or they may be passed from Soldier-to-Soldier. Other types of ammunition available include armor-piercing, blank, and dummy rounds. Weapons should also be rodded. To zero the borelight to the weapon, align the visible laser with the barrel of the weapon.

And they are specific to weapon and sight configurations. The chain of command determines when to load the weapon and chamber a round in reference to METT-TC in a combat environment. It can be mounted on a bipod, tripod, aircraft, or vehicle.

FM Appendix G Meter Target Offsets And Meter Zero Offsets

The dot follows the horizontal and vertical movement of your eye while remaining fixed on the target. The borelight will also boresight optics and iron sights to ensure the first shot group hits the meter zero target when zeroing the weapon. The borelight is seated properly when the targdt cannot be moved any further into the muzzle and the mandrel spins freely.

Regular blinking during scanning relieves some of the eyestrain that the soldier tends to have trying to spot distant targets.

Their range and reliability are reduced by battle noise, weather, boresighf, and vegetation.

Place the zeroing mark approximately 10 meters from the end of the barrel so that the visible laser 10k the zeroing mark.

The M16A2 zero target squares are.