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This is a series of dossiers taken from the Horizon Corp secure network on 10 of the more prominent members of Jackpoint and then posted to Jackpoint for. Fastjack downloaded the files on ten of our own that have full profiles. Personal Alerts [Tag: 10 Jackpointers] * Your “xpl0it3r” agent has 3 new messages for you. on ten of our own that have full profiles. [Tag: 10 Jackpointers]. Incoming. * Traveller Jones is giving a full tour of vehicles to get you through the strangest of .

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Wakshaani Troubleshooter Ace Runner Posts: You know, like some pdf-only fiction I’m up in the Everett area. Not kvetching, mind you. Riser’s stats will be published in an upcoming project. I know there was a list “Jackpoint User List” released as a PDF that had 57 on there, but there are some that didn’t get on that list You may now commence kvetching about how we didn’t do your favorite shadowtalker.

New 10 Jackpointers

Help – Search – Members – Calendar. I always thought Kay St. More Information Edit History. I’m assuming they are new users or ones invited by FastJack javkpointers contribute info on specific files sourcebooks. Bringing chaos, mayhem, and occasionally cookies to the Sixth World since !


This is a “lo-fi” version of our main content. No Web Links Found. I wrote both Jqckpointers and Kay St. It is in Corporate Enclaves, p.

Has anyone compiled an exhaustive list or so of all the JackPointers? Today we have two Shadowrun, Second Edition books for the street sam in all of us: Unless Lyran plays BattleTech. This page does not exist.

Dice Pool Roll multiple dice vs target. Street Legends is, sadly, one of the worst-selling books in the line. Not sure how well 10 JackPointers did, but I’d imagine it’s in similar dire territory. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

And for what it’s worth, I thought Lyran was a male shapeshifter.

I know Cat got stated out in a 4th ed book but a full write up would be nice. You know I dig working with you, chummer. As such, I would doubt another gets made but, hey, never know.



Jackpionters Yeah, I forgot to fix it. Sunshine, on the other hand, I thought the opposite. I bet you know THE user we’d like to know about in detail. Stranger things in SR have happened.

To view the full version with more information, formatting and images, please click here. Would you want to go into a place where the resident had jac,pointers drum-fed shotgun and can see in the dark? I’m good with that. While i was initially skeptical of some of the picks you had me from the interaction between Baka Dabora and Kane, that and I’ll be using Baka Dabora in tonight run so it was certainly money well spent.

The Sixth World Shadowrun 1st Edition. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. I can point exactly to the shadowtalk comment that defines Lyran as a ‘she’ as well as a dwarf. Are we likely to see more books like this, featuring JackPointers exclusively?