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Wisdom jobs provide you with Application Packaging interview questions .. What Is The Latest Version Of Wise Package Studio & Install Shield Admin Studio ?. keyskills;- WisePackageStudio,AdminStudio,Installshield,APP-V,Thin-app interview Questions for Application packaging (wise\installshield). Application Packaging and Virtualization Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | Free Practice Test | Free Sample InstallShield.

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If we add ini files to the files means it will replace of the old file. The latest version of Windows Installer is 4. No two components should use the same key path. Any remaining MSIExec processes are usually sandbox processes for hosting custom actions.

What are the default Environment settings in XP? When the user tries to open, it is installed upon demand. If the package is containing some HKCU entries then the package will always go for self healing for the first time. interviee

The API to manipulate MSI files is so powerful that it can create, validate and update packages, trigger installs and uninstalls, examine the MSI repository data on computers, and perform some custom actions. Release the package to end users Deployment. A merge module comes into existence where it needs to deliver a shared code or shared files or shared adminsfudio while setup process from a single compound file.

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Distributing new or installsuield software is called as Software Distribution. What is NestedMSI installation?

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So, the candidates qkestions are seeking job in application packaging can move further in their profession. An administrative installation installs a source image of the application onto the network that is similar to a source image on a CD-ROM. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It is not necessary to do setup capture to call it repackaging, even creating must files or is files can be called application repackaging.

A file that carries no extension or no associated program is called Orphaned. This action execute only the first time Windows Installer encounters it. The following is a list of different type of sequences in custom actions:.

For example, an MSI might install French and English versions of a program, each of which is a different product.

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A feature is nothing but a collection of all the components. Once the repair of the package is triggered, even with Self Heal, then the whole of the MSI is reinstalled. Review the packaging requirements User Requirement Review.

The reason for this is that Windows Installer uses a client-server model for performing installations. What Is Conflict Management?


Installshield interview questions- need answers

Jobs in Meghalaya Jobs in Shillong. Do you need your password? Can a wisescript runs another wisescript? Will change with time. Hello All, Please provide answers to the following installshield qns: New features include a GUI framework and automatic generation of the uninstallation sequence.

Application Packaging Course Training in Hyderabad

The application repackaging is a process where it captures all the changes that are done by the installation program in the first instance. In the Arc Map table of contents, right-click the real-time data layer to which you want to apply the VB action and click Properties.

What are different types of transforms that are available within MSI? Then it does not see that only the feature which triggered the self heal should be repaired, but the whole MSI, by ingerview I mean, all its features are reinstalled. So that on demand installation could take place.

This entry commonly appears in logs close to the point where a critical error has occurred. Depending on how the install was initiated, one of the MSIExec processes can be the client process.