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The Challenge of Our Time – Fr. George Florovsky. The great Russian bishop of the last century, Theophanes “The Recluse” (d. ), in one of his pastoral. Candidate, University of Oxford, UK speaks on “George Florovsky and Christian Hellenism.” Read about the seminar on the St. Vladimir’s. Fr. George Florovsky Resource Page. About Georges Vasilievich Florovsky: Philosopher of the Orthodox World (1 of 8) · Georges Vasilievich.

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Afanassieff said that the whole universal Church is not the sum of its parts diocesesbut is mystically present in all its parts, because each part is the body of Christ which cannot be divided: While the Catholic Church is normally considered to be a “sister church”, it has made too many mistakes since the schism, the Orthodox believe, the biggest one being breaking canonical communion with the Orthodox Church and the subsequent exaggerated growth of the papacy up to and including Vatican I.

The point is, however, that the current Eastern formula of ‘the Seven Ecumenical Councils’ is hardly much better, if it tends, as it usually does, to restrict or to limit the Church’s spiritual authority to the first eight centuries, as if ‘the Golden Age’ of Christianity has already passed and we are now, probably, already in an Iron Age, much lower on the scale of spiritual vigour and authority. But man now is admitted into an intimate ‘communion’ with God, through Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Georges Florovsky – OrthodoxWiki

Ultimately, “‘tradition” is the continuity of divine assistance, the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit. La Virgen de Guadalupe.

In this sense, theology is never a self-explanatory discipline. It would suffice to quote this pathetic georhe of his: Irenaeus, is grounded in, and guaranteed by, that charisma veritatis certum, which has been deposited from the very beginning in the Church and preserved in the uninterrupted succession of Apostolic ministry: While he left much undone, and the situation has changed since his day, Florovsky laid perennial foundations, which will guide generations to come.

He was a florovzky and a bishop.


Christian communities are composed of free persons; the history of doctrine must not florovky thought to follow patterns of logical deduction or organic evolution. It was usual in the Ancient Church to introduce doctrinal statements by phrases like this. In fact; the teaching of S. And Orthodox have also learned from other Christians.

Now, in fact, S.

Only the word theosis can render adequately the uniqueness of the promise and offer. Dominus, Ego sum, inquit, veritas. Gregory Palamas stands in an ancient tradition at this point. All this changed when Archbishop Angelo Roncalli became papal nuncio in Paris. For the same reason these formulas can never be taken ‘abstractly’, that is, out of total context of belief. Theodore of Studium, at least, be included among ‘the Fathers’? Very often one does not proceed further than the Age of Justinian, or even already the Council of Chalcedon.

George Florovsky – St Gregory Palamas and the Tradition of the Fathers

How often do we recite it without conviction? Fr David Bird Me on a good day. Patron Saint-day of the church in Peroj — Florkvsky. Against the universal testimony of Tradition, they simply had no power to ordain women.

George Florovsky and Christian Hellenism

This website and “Monks and Mermaids” belong to one another. Even if we are men of unclean lips, let us respond to the Divine call, and the fire of the Spirit will cleanse us, for the ministry of the Word. Gregory was definitely opposed to all kinds of ‘essentialist theologies’ which fail to account for God’s freedom, for the dynamism of God’s will, for the reality of Divine action.

Gregory was suspected of subversive innovations by his enemies in his own time. He always insisted that he retired not for an advanced spiritual life which is possible, and should be practiced for the ordinary life but to have time and leisure for literary and scholarly work. Joe Versus the Volcano.

How many Orthodox dispense with the Creed, because it has ceased to have for them any immediate spiritual appeal?

Or one should retire into the ‘Ancient Age’, in a more or less archaeological manner, and practise what has been wittily described recently as a ‘theology of repetition.

Actually, the whole teaching of S. His first theological essays were offered in these contexts. Salvation florovsku more than forgiveness. This commentary involves a certain amount of repetition. The Church is essentially a missionary institution. Should we not recover ‘the mind of the Fathers’ also in our theological thinking and teaching?


The Challenge of Our Time – Fr. George Florovsky

It is not enough to keep a ‘Byzantine liturgy’, as we do, to restore Byzantine iconography and Byzantine music, as we are still reluctant to do consistently, and to practise certain Byzantine modes of devotion.

This article forms part of the series Orthodoxy in America. About Tradition, Fr Florovsky wrote: When there is ignorance of this sort it means that in dialogue, which I am geoge in favor of, these individuals do not represent Protestantism, or Orthodoxy, or Rome at all, but rather their own stupidities.

The groups surprised each other because their criticism of their respective churches echoed each other, because they identified the same theological enemy in the influence of neo-scholasticism, and they had the same solution in a radical appeal to Tradition and the Fathers as the context in which everything else has to be interpreted.

Over history there have, unfortunately, been episodes when floroveky sought to defend the truth with violence. John of Damascus, these actions or ‘energies’ of God are the true revelation of God Himself: John the Klimakos puts it: Symeon the New Theologian and S. In Florovsky received his M. He took to his monastic cell all his books, a selected library from which were not excluded books by Western scholars and secular literature.

But it is no less certain for that reason. As a theologian, he was simply an interpreter of the spiritual experience of the Church. These points were further elaborated in the Orthodox statement at Oberlinwhich Florovsky also authored, and which is still considered one of the best statements of Orthodox ecclesiological self-understanding in the ecumenical movement.

The rusty weapons will not do. Jerome had to contest this idea.