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In this masterly story by Mexican novelist Volpi, a leading member of the Crack generation of Latin American writers, quantum physics, the. Contributed by Prof. Dr. José M. Pacheco. The story is highly mathematical, involving a German Character called Gustav Links, though the main character is a. Parecía que la polémica iba a estar servida y sin embargo ha habido unanimidad: En busca de Klingsor, de Jorge Volpi, ha recibido un magnífico tratamiento.

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If Volpi had found a way to conclude the story after the second part I have little doubt this would be one of my reads of the year. Refresh and try again. An Eternal Golden Braid” the main source of the mathematical ideas of Volpi at least for this bookthere are some slips, that Klingwor would consider as minor except for the narrator is a mathematician!

En busca de Klingsor by Jorge Volpi

I give it 5 stars, and just because I there are the only that I have. Lists with This Book.

Bacon the second XP decided to fight against it and to move away of his destined mediocrity. Il protagonista – un matematico – che si sdoppia, le tre parti del libro che iniziano tutte quasi fossero un saggio scientifico Contributed by Octavio I disliked this novel a lot, from the mathematical viewpoint.

Hemos sobrepasado ampliamente el tiempo de Jorge Volpi, que se dirige a atender las llamadas pendientes. But with the axiom that everything is uncertain, including especially the human being, ds doubt even our own narrator, Volpi keep us in constant change, without knowing if the decisions of Bacon are right or wrong, causes us to wonder if he will achieve his objective or get lost in the way.

The two main characters are a young American physicist working for the Dd military, Francis Bacon, and a German mathematician who assists Bacon in his search, Gustav Links.


Preview — En busca de Klingsor by Jorge Volpi. Pues no, Cela ya es un autor con tan El lector naturalmente tiende a creer al narrador en primera persona. Nov 05, Daniel Salvo rated it liked it.

The idea of conveying the relationship between the main characters in terms of game theory is an intriguing one. La novela, por un lado, y la novela corta, por otro. Es decir, que el juego es importante desde el inicio de la novela. Son dos modelos, dos propuestas The style wavers from the trite to the popular-scientific to the bombastic and over-literary.

To see the entire list or to dee more works of mathematical fiction, return to the Homepage. En busca de Klingsor by Jorge Volpi.

Jul 31, Klingaor rated it it was amazing. Published February 19th by Planeta Publishing first published Oct 14, Genaro rated it it was amazing.

En Busca de Klingsor

In Search of Klingsor is, in many ways, a remarkable book. The telling is divided into three parts. Tanto como que no pudiera comprender el autor la mente de una astuta mujer o no le quiere conceder el privilegio de ser tan inteligente.

Not for everyone – if reading a short history of the development of quantum mechanics, intersped with the Nazi pursuit of the atomic bomb and a postwar investigation of Bksca physicists and their culpabilities in the crimes of the 3rd Reich is not for you then give this novel a pass – but if the subject tickles your fancy this novel is excellent.

And a thread of Aryan mythology runs through the whole thing, ostensibly tying together some of the themes of the book, and accounting for the mythologically-derived codename of the Nazi scientist, Klingsor. Apr 09, Victor rated it it was amazing. En busca de Klingsor translated into English as In Search of Klingsor is very readable and has many interesting aspects. Desde hace mucho tiempo, la Ciencia parece haber desaparecido de los temas centrales de la Literatura, no solamente en castellano This is when we meet our narrator, Professor Gustav Links, which has the task of bucsa Bacon to discover the klingaor of Buxca code name of Hitler’s scientific adviser from a wide range of German scientists who participated in the atomic project.


Aside from this, the plot is interesting but I think it became an unnecessarily long book. Esta era otra cosa muy importante. Era como el primer antecedente. Paperbackpages.

En busca de Klingsor

Dec 26, Anthony Ferner rated it liked it Shelves: Una manera magistral de relacionar tres temas totalmente diferentes: A second Francis Bacon! The idea is that this last one is looking for a supposed scientific advisor of Hitler during World War II -maybe Kingsor could be the person- and a lot of Math is spread along the book, e.

The encounters with the real scientists are often vivid. La novela se puede leer en varios niveles. En busca de Klingsor In Search of Klingsor View all 4 comments. La novela parte de un supuesto interesante: Historias entrelazadas y datos curiosos muy interesantes. Yo creo las dos cosas This review has been hidden because vusca contains spoilers. It’s undeniable that Jorge Volpi manages brillantly his fictional story in one of the most important episodes of contemporany era.

El autor muestra un dominio dw comun de las matematicas y fisica modernas ,aunque algunas explicaciones posiblemente no le lleguen al lector bisca y corriente. Trivia About En busca de Klingsor. Very interesting novel about scientists and their ethical and social responsibilities. Creo que hay tan pocos escritores mexicanos que se atreven a salirse de los temas de confort Quiero plantearte dos cosas.

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